Notting Hill


Bridging the gap between gym and spa, Bodyism treatments seamlessly blend both fitness and relaxation. Providing a sanctuary to escape the outside world, our treatments cater to both physical wellbeing and mental rejuvenation.


Nubia is a sought-after masseuse whose holistic approach explores the contributing factors of her clients’ pain and muscle tightness. Considering posture, stress, quality of life and emotional factors, her treatments are tailored according to her clients’ needs. Believing in a ‘less is more’ philosophy, her technique allows for a slow, deep and intuitive experience, which gives her time to identify the body’s issues and feel the points that need more work. As well as being a massage therapist, she has been studying towards her Masters in Osteopathy at University College of Osteopathy

Nubia Dantas

Massage Therapist

Holly Warren is one of the country’s most respected Facialists and Energy Healers and has two decades of experience. She offers an intuitive healing approach caring for her client’s skin and wellbeing. Holly’s transformative facials deliver an inner and outer glow providing balance and additional skin benefits. Her signature facials harness the power of touch for restoration and renewal alongside award-winning de Mamiel products; a collection of natural formulas activated by science to treat the impact of stress on the skin.

Holly Warren

Facialist & Energy Healer

Romilly trained at the prestigious London School of Reflexology and has a particular interest in women’s health, and how balancing the mind and body is often exactly what is needed to lead a happier and healthier life. She takes a holistic approach to each client and truly believes that the body has the ability to heal themselves, with a little nurturing and rebalancing through Reflexology. As well as classic Reflexology, Romilly also offers Pregnancy and Facial Reflexology.



Stephanie is a London-based nutritional therapist and mother of two who offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Working with clients both virtually and in-person, Stephanie takes a functional medicine approach to identify the root causes of health conditions such as IBS, hormonal imbalances, and weight management. Stephanie’s personalised nutrition plans are based on real data from lab testing, with dietary recommendations grounded in the latest peer-reviewed research. Prior to nutrition, Stephanie worked in finance for 8 years and can support on corporate wellbeing.

Stephanie De Chillaz

Nutritional Therapist


Poppy is the pioneer behind the Rapid Tapping Method, helping individuals to unlock their ultimate potential. Tapping is critically proven and based on neuroscience to help with the emotional effects of a range of deep tissues such as insomnia and body image, or imposter syndrome. It has the power to eliminate negative-thinking and ‘stuck’ feelings.

Poppy Delbridge

Rapid Tapping

A master of super-fine-line tattoos, Adam Claridge uses the highly intricate single needle tattooing technique, and does some of London’s most interesting tattoo work. This technique allows artists to use incredible detail, but also requires great precision, something which Claridge has no shortage of.

Adam Claridge

Fine Line Tattooist