Bodyism Classes


Hosted by a dedicated team of specialised trainers, our Bodyism-exclusive classes are designed to leave your body feeling stronger while also recharging and reinvigorating your mind.
Whether you seek the intensity of circuit training or the serenity of yoga, there’s something that suits all needs.
It’s important to note that while we strive to provide a range of offerings, not every concept is available at each location, ensuring a unique experience tailored to the specific needs of each Bodyism destination.

A dynamic fusion of interval training, pilates and yoga, meditation and stretching.
Using mini bands, gliders, ankle weights and your own body weight, each trainer brings a unique style to the class.
Bodyism Signature class has been carefully designed and refined to lengthen, strengthen and tone your whole body, while invigorating your mind, body and spirit.

Bodyism Signature

A feel good workout that fuses dance, functional training, dance inspired conditioning, contemporary pilates and mobility practices to target your smaller muscle groups, fire up your core and help unleash your inner dancer. Bodyism Sculpt will improve your coordination and mind body connection, increase muscular strength and endurance – and make you feel energised inside and out. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face!

Bodyism Sculpt

This energising circuit session follows a high-intensity based programme using equipment from the main gym, designed to challenge even the strongest of warriors.
The class will work every muscle, build physical and mental strength and improve your stamina.
Be prepared to unleash your inner warrior.

Bodyism Warrior

Bodyism Barre is a complete body workout that focuses on attaining a graceful posture, maximising core strength and improving flexibility.
This challenging yet fun conditioning class includes small movements and isometric holds that will work your entire body to build lean muscle – leaving you feeling energised, empowered and aching for days!

Bodyism Barre

Bodyism Yoga helps to bring freedom of movement into the body and mind. This class stretches, spirals and frees your body so that you can release the structure of your habitual patterns.
Prepare to challenge yourself both physically and mentally, building strength and stamina on all levels. Leave feeling refreshed, energised and truly alive.

Bodyism Yoga

Using the TRX and fusing together movements inspired by pilates, barre and strength training for the ultimate full body workout.
This dynamic class will strengthen and tone, but also work on balance, co-ordination, agility, and flexibility.

Bodyism TRX

Bodyism Boxing packs a serious punch. Taught by professional boxers, each class will consist of technical drills, circuit training, whole body conditioning and padwork.
Master the art of jabbing, upper cuts and hooks whilst working up a sweat and releasing a hearty dose of ‘feel good’ endorphins. This class is designed to improve your coordination, speed and agility whilst defining and sculpting your body – that you are guaranteed to feel the next day!

Bodyism Boxing

B Calm helps to bring the natural rhythm of your body and mind back to balance.
This candle lit yoga practice will ground you from hectic city life and help you to unwind and calm down by tapping into your nervous system and slowing it back down from ‘fight or flight’ mode to a more centered, mindful state of being.

Bodyism B Calm Yoga

Experience the power of sound and music as a healing tool as you are bathed in the beautiful tones of crystal alchemy bowls leading you gently through a blissful movement and breath practice, finishing with sound meditation.

Bodyism Sound Healing

Bodyism Pilates is a wonderful way to lengthen and strengthen your muscles. Benefits include stronger core muscles found in your abdominal, back and pelvic areas – helping you to improve coordination, posture and balance. Bodyism pilates has been created so that each person can apply their practice into their everyday life and walk taller and stronger.

Bodyism Classical Pilates

Bodyism Pilates Tone is a wonderful way to sculpt and strengthen your muscles. You can expect all the benefits of regular pilates (stronger core, back and pelvic areas, improved coordination, posture and balance) with the added benefits of resistance training, using mini bands and loop bands. Bodyism Pilates Tone has been created so that each person can apply their practice into their everyday life and walk taller and stronger.

Bodyism Pilates Tone

An energetic and powerful workout that fuses yoga sequences with isometric exercises (small intense movements) to create a long and lean physique. All major muscle groups will be targeted, toned and lengthened in this fun and challenging class.

Bodyism Yoga Tone

Our Bodyism breathwork sessions allow you to fully explore your breath and your practice. In a safe space, you will be able to explore the physical, mental and emotional benefits of breathwork.

Bodyism Breathwork

A dynamic barre class with an emphasis on low impact cardio and expansive movement. Featuring an energetic, high paced playlist, it appeals to the barre audience and those who wish to add intensity to their workout. The class targets the entire body with a perfect blend of body weight exercises and pilates equipment, such as resistance bands, light dumbbells, and MORE!

Bodyism Cardio Barre

Roll away your tightness and release your body from pain during this guided self myofascial release and stretching class. Roll + release targets hard to reach muscles and provides you with all the benefits of a professional sports massage such as improved circulation, reduced pain and increased flexibility.
Prepare to feel like a new and rejuvenated you!

Bodyism Roll + Release

Utilising state of the art classical pilates machines to elevate your pilates practice.
Using springs and resistance to perform controlled movements that target different muscle groups, the class aims to improve strength, flexibility and body alignment.

Bodyism Reformer Pilates

A high energy, low impact dance cardio workout designed to put your coordination and strength to the test. Expect to learn easy to follow choreographed cardio routines in this fun yet challenging class where all major muscle groups will be targeted.

Bodyism Dance