Over the past 15 years, Bodyism has built a reputation for delivering world class results to the film and television industry. Our specialised wellness programmes develop strong, energised and resilient bodies that can cope with the rigorous demands of filming, shoots and award seasons.


Understanding the pivotal role of holistic wellness in their careers, we meticulously tailor their personal training, meal plans and lifestyle programmes to equip them with the physical and mental resilience needed to excel in these high pressure environments. We go beyond the superficial by focusing on cultivating physical strength, mental fortitude and emotional balance all at once. Our management always exceeds expectations from improved stunt performance to physical results on screen.


At Bodyism we understand that employee engagement is one of the most important indicators to business success. Offering an array of services to elevate the wellbeing of your employees and improve their sense of job satisfaction. We collaborate with you to develop captivating wellness initiatives specifically for your workplace and your employee’s needs.

Our management service includes bespoke wellness and hospitality design and solutions, 24/7 support and the programming of in house events. Bodyism provides specialised practitioners and leading wellness experts for in house personal training, group classes, nutritional support and events. We have proudly operated corporate wellness facilities for esteemed firms including Marshall Wace and Universal Music Group HQ, extending our commitment to wellness through talks and workshops for leading teams at Soho House Group, Conde Nast, Net a Porter, Mr Porter and Models1.