Co Owner of Bodyism, as well as a dedicated mother to three young children, Nathalie began her Bodyism journey in 2008 when she joined the company as a Performance Specialist.
In her youth Nathalie was a ballet dancer at the Royal Ballet School in Sweden before she began travelling the world as a model and transitioned to the fitness industry.
Having launched several activewear collections, global locations and a range of supplements all the while unwaveringly maintaining her healthy lifestyle regimen, she is living proof that you can do it all.
Her versatile knowledge, ambition and energy prove how adopting a Bodyism lifestyle sets up the foundations for a successful life.

Nathalie Schyllert


Deanna, Company GM at Bodyism and a revered trainer, combines over 13 years of industry experience with a passion for holistic wellness.
At Bodyism, she orchestrates company culture, setting the vision for the future while implementing business strategy and development.
Having cultivated a vibrant career with top sports brands, fitness studios and global wellness firms, she found her home with Bodyism in 2016.
Her multifaceted background as a personal trainer, brand-operations manager, psychology graduate and mother uniquely equips her to lead Bodyism and foster an environment where both employees and clients thrive.

Deanna Brash

Company GM

Julia’s journey at Bodyism spans nearly a decade. Evolving from the company’s F&B expert, her role expanded to encompass the orchestration of supplement production, wholesale, retail, and e-commerce, coupled with the management of brand partnerships and cafe operations. This diverse skill set renders her expertise both well-rounded and unique. Now assuming the title of Director of Operations for the entire company group, Julia embodies strategic leadership with a comprehensive understanding of the company’s intricate facets. Her tenure demonstrates an unwavering commitment to elevating operational excellence and fostering growth across all corners of Bodyism’s expansive operations.

Julia Harvey

Director of Operations


Mike is a Senior Performance Specialist and Head of Learning and Development at Bodyism.
Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge. As part of his holistic approach to fitness, he is able to assess and correct postural issues allowing clients to get the most out of their workout and ultimately their body.
Mike’s natural interest in the world of health comes out in each session as he is deeply pasionate about what he does.
Sessions with Mike are a mix of education, bad jokes and interesting movements.

Mike Tanner


A personal trainer, yoga teacher and fascial stretch therapist, Josie takes a sustainable, intelligent and holistic approach to training and nutrition. Having grown up playing team sports and later taking an interest in yoga and weight training, Josie works to educate and empower, helping clients to effortlessly integrate movement into their lives. With a genuine love for the Bodyism philosophy, she strives to make her sessions mindful, balanced and enjoyable, whilst challenging you to reach your own potential, leaving you walking away feeling inspired, confident and powerful.

Josie Crafts

PT | Pilates | Yoga | Stretch Therapy

Georgie is a professional boxer trained by World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists. Georgie has previously boxed for England and has won national titles as an amateur. Georgie joined Bodyism as a performance specialist two years ago and has gone on to become Bodyism’s Head of Boxing, teaching classes and growing the boxing team. Georgie is also a passionate personal trainer who enjoys helping clients develop better posture and stronger bodies.

Georgie Kean

PT | Boxing

Deanna is a personal trainer, dance-movement specialist and psychology graduate. With
genuine passion for helping others her goal is to get people to see movement as an
essential, enjoyable part of their life, tune into their bodies and take care of their mental
health. As a mother of one, she is well-versed in pre/post natal training and can support
those with injuries. Her workouts will challenge and uplift you, leaving you feeling strong and empowered.

Deanna Brash

PT | Dance | Barre

Matt began practising yoga twelve years ago when he was undertaking his BA in Acting. Although he admits that in these early days “I couldn’t touch my toes and had terrible posture”, he quickly fell in love with yoga’s feel good effects, and realised the huge benefit it was having on his ability to stay grounded. Matt typically likes to blend the traditions of Hatha with the power of Vinyasa in his classes, and describes his style as direct and to the point.

Matt Penman

Yoga | Breathwork

Craig’s strength sits between Yoga and Personal Training, understanding the importance of both. His holistic and fun approach keeps his sessions enjoyable but when needed focused and challenged. His passion and love for training come through in his sessions and by continuing to further his knowledge with specialists he holds as mentors. His goal is for clients to understand that they are already capable and unstoppable.

Craig Fletcher

PT | Yoga

Suzie is an engaging and bubbly yoga teacher who shares her passion by teaching creative and physically challenging classes. She has been practising yoga for over a decade and never teaches the same class twice, using music, aromatherapy oils and philosophy to inspire her students to move from their minds into their bodies. Suzie has been praised as a teacher for her upbeat energy, creativity and unique approach. Her passion is to help people achieve what they thought was impossible both physically and mentally.

Suzie Bath



Lotti is Bodyism’s extreme sportswomen. Inspired by a background in extreme sports, a passion for martial arts and a love of all things movement, Lotti’s focus is on functional fitness and building wellbeing from the ground up. Her coaching is the perfect option for anyone looking to become an everyday athlete. Expect to reset the body through non-traditional movement patterns that really work. Lotti will be here teaching both classes and Personal training at Bodyism.

Lotti Sorrell


Ayo utilises a holistic approach to training that optimises the connection between body and mind for sustainable, long-term results. With a background in competitive sports and a passion for yoga and functional strength training, Ayo’s sessions are stimulating, fulfilling and challenging all at once. He embraces the Bodyism philosophy of creating a non-judgmental environment and implements a bespoke approach to his sessions, with a focus on helping people progress towards their ultimate goal. You will leave Ayo’s sessions feeling stronger both physically and mentally – and return motivated for more!

Ayodeji Bambgbelu


Basi Pilates trained, Beth’s focus for her classes is restorative yet strong sequences, looking after body and mind, whilst keeping the spine as safe as possible. Coming to Pilates herself through years of lower back pain and bad posture, Beth’s ultimate goal within a class is to create alignment within the body – ridding you of back pain and creating an awareness of your body and teaching you the values of being kind to yourself through purposeful movement.

Beth Ogden


Sarah Jane Horn

Yoga | PT

Lucy is a personal trainer with a passion for empowering individuals to feel confident and comfortable in their own bodies.She firmly believes that true wellness is cultivated from the inside out, and is dedicated to creating a safe and supportive environment that will help you achieve your personal wellness goals. Drawing upon her professional dance background in Europe’s most prestigious shows, Lucy utilises the transformative power of movement to help individuals develop greater confidence and positive body image. Her approach to fitness encompasses both mental and physical wellness, embodying the true Bodyism way to help individuals achieve their personal bests.

Lucy Borrie

PT | Pilates | Barre | Dance

Coming from a background of psychological studies Julia especially sees value in the transformative power of the practice. Drawing on her training in Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga, Julia combines the most valuable aspects of those into her dynamic sessions. With a strong focus on alignment and breath, her sessions give each student the right level of challenge according to their ability, adjusting and deepening the practice with hands-on assistance whenever needed, giving the students the chance to evolve.

Julia Omrit Metzges


Linda’s expertise as a personal trainer, Pilates teacher, and Pre/Post Natal specialist draws upon her extensive experience as a professional dancer, with a background in ballet and contemporary dance across Europe. She prioritises alignment, core strength, and overall form in every session and adapts her approach to the unique needs of each individual. With a deep understanding of the body, Linda provides a comprehensive Bodyism 360 approach to wellness that encompasses all aspects of physical and mental health. You will walk away from each session feeling taller and stronger.

Linda Boninsegni

Pilates | PT

Sophie, hailing from Queensland, Australia, is a passionate and versatile trainer with a background in dance and theater. With almost a decade of experience in group and one-on-one training, her expertise encompasses a wide range of fitness disciplines, allowing her to adapt her approach to meet the unique needs of each client. Sophie’s dedication to helping people achieve their goals and embody the Bodyism lifestyle shines through in her personalised approach and deep understanding of movement. Her supportive and engaging training style makes her a valuable asset to the Bodyism team and anyone on their fitness journey!

Sophie Shanks

PT | Barre | Dance

Braden is a barre teacher with over 1500 classes under his belt and 8 years experience. Originating from Salt Lake City, he jumped across the pond with his husband in 2021 bringing his vibrant energy to the Bodyism team in London. His sessions are challenging, dynamic and fun – guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished. When he’s not sculpting the bodies of Bodyism, he can be found baking, gardening or exploring new neighborhoods around London!

Braden Baugh


Rosie is a specialist in Vinyasa flow with positive psychology, as well as a holistic and Integrative health coach. Rosie initially used yoga as a way to ground herself throughout her long career as a lifestyle journalist and credits it with keeping her calm and level-headed amidst the pressures. Rosie has trained with over 85 of the wellbeing industry’s leading experts, including Deepak Chopra, Dr Mark Hyman and Doctor Andrew Weil. Her ethos is simple – to make people feel as happy as they possibly can. 

Rosie Underwood

Yoga | Breathwork

Eva is a precise, holistic, and encouraging trainer with a background in classical dance. She found her deep love for fitness whilst completing a Dance & Musical Theatre degree and qualified as a Personal Trainer so that she could help others experience the joy of exercise. Eva has built a reputation in the TRX community and now brings her expertise to the Bodyism team, helping clients lead happier, healthier lives. With her uplifting coaching style, she aims to inspire individuals to reach their physical potential while having fun along the way.

Eva Simanavicis

PT | Barre | Dance

Dominique is a committed and compassionate yoga & pilates teacher. Starting her fitness journey as a 400m track runner, Dominique searched for ways to reduce the impact of injury, decrease stress and boost performance. Dominique fell in love with both practices and discovered the power of combining flexibility and strength. Following her degrees, she travelled to India to undertake her training turning her attention to mindful movement. Her goal is clear, to support others to feel true confidence and harmony amidst the dynamic nature of the world. Immersing herself in the principles of Bodyism, there is no doubt that her creative, upbeat and enthusiastic approach, will leave you feeling strong, balanced and most importantly, happy.

Dominique Hughes

Pilates | Yoga

Lily is a Pilates, barre and ballet teacher known for her infectious smile, sunny personality and brilliant classes (loved by both adults and kids). Pilates had always been an important part of Lily’s dance training and as a result she developed a passion for the practice. She helps you connect and engage your muscles on a deeper level throughout each exercise. Her sessions leave you feeling lengthened, stronger, more flexible and with a clear mind.

Lily Wickens

Pilates | Dance | Barre

Amanda trained in Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; it was during her time there and upon entering the professional World that Amanda found maintaining a regular yoga practice helped to alleviate the pressures associated with the competitive nature of the arts industry. This led her to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training in Bali, so that she was equipped to share the mental and physical benefits of the practice with others. At Bodyism Amanda uses her dance background and holistic approach to fitness to teach a unique Barre practice for those who want to gain the strength and elongation of a ballerina – whilst still having fun! Her classes are a fusion of classic barre work, aerobics, and dance for a full body workout leaving you inspired and energised!

Amanda Helms

Yoga | Barre

Ollie is an ex-amateur boxer who proudly represented East London’s renowned Repton Amateur Boxing Club and had the privilege of boxing in numerous countries, working alongside champions and Olympic gold medalists. His passion for boxing is matched by his dedication as a personal trainer. Committed to helping people achieve their fitness goals and build happier, healthier lives, Ollie brings enthusiasm and a good sense of humour into each session so that people can come to enjoy their time in the gym rather than dread it.

Ollie Williams

Boxing | PT


Nubia is a sought-after masseuse whose holistic approach explores the contributing factors of her clients’ pain and muscle tightness. Considering posture, stress, quality of life and emotional factors, her treatments are tailored according to her clients’ needs. Believing in a ‘less is more’ philosophy, her technique allows for a slow, deep and intuitive experience, which gives her time to identify the body’s issues and feel the points that need more work. As well as being a massage therapist, she has been studying towards her Masters in Osteopathy at University College of Osteopathy.

Nubia Dantas

Massage Therapist

Stephanie is a London-based nutritional therapist and mother of two who offers personalised nutrition and lifestyle advice to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. Working with clients both virtually and in-person, Stephanie takes a functional medicine approach to identify the root causes of health conditions such as IBS, hormonal imbalances, and weight management. Stephanie’s personalised nutrition plans are based on real data from lab testing, with dietary recommendations grounded in the latest peer-reviewed research. Prior to nutrition, Stephanie worked in finance for 8 years and can support on corporate wellbeing.

Stephanie De Chillaz

Nutritional Therapist

Ever since her first experience of yoga in Bali, over 20 years ago, Juliet has felt a deep connection to the practice and to the hypnotic sound of the Himalayan singing bowls. In a previous life Juliet was the beauty editor of Tatler magazine and wrote books for British Vogue. She practised yoga and meditation regularly for around fifteen years and went on to hold a 200 hour teaching certificate and become an accredited worldwide sound bath practitioner with the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine, finding a sense of home in Bodyism’s philosophy of be kind to yourself.

Juliet Levy

Sound Bath Practitioner

Meet Paddy, Bodyism’s passionate breathwork facilitator who will help you harness the power of your breath to achieve greater wellbeing! Paddy’s journey into breathwork began with his interest in meditation and its teachings. He soon discovered Conscious Connected Breathwork and trained with Alan Dolan’s Teacher Training programme. Before his breathwork journey, Paddy trained as an actor and understands the pressures of performing and dealing with nerves. He was amazed by the impact breathwork had on his stress and anxiety, and it inspired him to share the benefits with others…

Paddy Cavendish

Breathwork Specialist

As a mentor and IIN health coach, Rosie helps you implement changes that promote lifelong well-being by bridging the gap between medical recommendations and your ability to make healthy changes from an emotional, physical, and mental standpoint. True health and happiness come from nourishing all aspects of your life, not just the food you eat. Rosie’s approach involves integrating all dimensions of your well-being, such as fostering positive relationships, movement, and mindset.

Rosie Underwood

Integrated Health Coach