Daniella Isaacs

Online Editor and Clean and Lean Foodie

As our online editor and general Clean and Lean wordsmith, Daniella loves to spend her time seeking out the latest gym class, rustling up Clean and Lean recipes and asking all the trainers for workout tips. Alongside her Clean and Lean position, Daniella is an actress and freelance journalist, which basically means she loves to multi-task. After being diagnosed with Coeliac disease during her university years, Daniella was fed up with feeling constantly moody and tired so decided to adopted a Clean and Lean lifestyle and has never looked back.
Favourite clean and lean recipe: Clean and Lean pancakes- duh!

Favourite shake recipe: Body brilliance, almond milk, cinnamon, almond butter and for an extra kick- a shot of espresso
Favourite exercise: Burpees (as if). Deadlifts or anything with a TRX
Favourite Bodywear clothing: ‘I am lovely’ leggings with the ‘Daniella’ tank top (nothing to do with the name).
Motivational quote: If you will it, it is no dream.