All orders are sent by Royal Mail or DHL, dependent on size and weight. If you have any concerns as to the location of your order please do not hesitate to contact our customer team at [email protected] with your order number clearly stated. For delivery times and rates please check here.

We offer FREE Returns to UK customers only. Returned items must comply with our Return Policy:

  1. Merchandise must be returned within 14 days of the date of delivery and products that have been worn, used, altered or damaged will not be accepted.
  2. BODYISM will only refund the purchase price of merchandise returned in its original condition.
  3.  We will process your return within 7 days of receiving it
  4. BODYISM reserves the right to refuse return of any merchandise that does not meet the above return requirements.

Please address all returns to:
Order number: XXXX
That’s right, no full address required. Just write down the above (including your order number) and take the parcel to your local post office and it will be processed by Royal Mail First Class (at no cost to you!)

Please consult your medical practitioner. A full list of ingredients can be found on our site – so please get advice from your doctor.
Only Beauty Food and Omega Brilliance are not suitable for vegetarians as they contain marine collagen and fish oil respectively. All other products are suitable for vegetarians and the Serenity, Vanilla Protein Excellence and Body Brilliance are suitable for vegans.
All of our consumable products retailed on this site are gluten free except Serenity our sleep aid supplement. Serenity contains oats as an ingredient which can contain trace gluten. While we can assure that our products with the exception of Serenity are gluten free, however, we cannot guarantee that they are made in a completely gluten free environment.
Although some of the ingredients are higher the RDA set for the UK and EU, there are all below the ‘Upper Safe Limit’ set by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Therefore there is no danger associated with taking more than the RDA, especially if your immune system is compromised in anyway or your diet is not well balanced. The RDA’s are based on someone eating a balanced and varied diet who may wish to supplement their diet by taking additional vitamins and minerals through a food supplement, such as Bodyism Multi-Optimum. If you have any concern or hesitation in relation to consuming or using a Bodyism product please do consult your doctor or query the concern with us at [email protected]

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