Beautiful Is How You Feel On The Inside

Beauty Food is a daily elixir of super greens, antioxidants and marine collagen peptides which help fight ageing, reduce lines and wrinkles and assist the deep repair of damaged skin from the inside out.

In just one serving of Beauty Food, you will receive your daily dose of Marine Collagen, peptides and MSM’s (a vital mineral for collagen formation). Beauty Food boasts anti-aging properties while simultaneously detoxing skin cells and your liver. The powder is suitable to be mixed with water, added into a shake or your favourite yoghurt either before or after exercise.

Feed Yourself Beautiful Ingredients,
Life Is Too Long To Live Any Other Way

Suitable for Vegans with added Pea Protein and Siberian Ginsend and Green Tea extract to boost energy levels, each ingredient added to the Clean and Lean range of supplements has been included to support, aid and improve your body’s natural state and to be enjoyed not as a substitute for a varied diet, but as a long-term supplement as part of your dietary regime.

Beauty Food Ingredients

Marine Collagen

This protein is the building block for connective tissue, adding a substantial amount of the ingredient in your diet will keep your skin glowing and increase cell repair.


is a liver tonic. The liver is one of the key detox pathways and MSM helps remove toxins from your body, It also helps makes your skin appear plump and helps encourage a natural glow.


This mighty flavonol can reduce varicose veins and can help prevent stressed skin.

Korean Ginseng

The king of asian herbal medicine, this potent herb can help reduce dark circles under your eyes, and lines and wrinkles too.


The silica found in Horsetail can help strengthen skin hair and nails. It can also help keep your bones strong.

Broccoli, Barleygrass, Nettle and Spinach

These ingredients will help oxygenate the skin, ensuring you appear glowing and healthy.

Ultra Sweet Blend

Made from a strand of fibre which helps turbo-charge your good bacteria and acts as a probiotic too.

Fermented Pea & Sprouted Protein

There are new studies to suggest that adding a small dose of protein before and during workouts speeds up muscle growth. Protein needs to be available for you to sculpt muscle which is why we have sourced organic, fermented pea protein and organic sprouted brown rice protein.

How To Use

Beauty Food should be taken once a day, at any time of day, as part of a balanced diet. Beauty Food is great with our Ultimate Clean and Body Brilliance Supplements.


Beauty Food Is Free From..

  • Gluten Free
  • Lactose & Whey Free
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • No Artificial Colours
  • No Artificial Flavours
  • No Preservatives
  • Ethically Made

“I make a delicious smoothie using Body Brilliance, almond milk, brazil nuts and frozen berries. I also have Beauty Food just with water.”Mollie King, Singer-Songwriter

The Beauty Food Range

Supplement Bag

Our supplement bag contains 30 servings of Beauty Food making this super green supplement the ideal addition to a healthy kitchen. Packed with marine collagen and super greens, add it to your shakes, medicine balls, pancakes or desserts.


Supplement Box

Our supplement box contains 10 servings of Beauty Food. Each sachet is small and light enough to carry and contains the recommended serving amount. The supplement box is perfect for those wanting to stay and healthy and have glowing skin on the go.


Detox Box

Our 9 Day Detox Box is perfect for those wanting to begin a detox or try the Bodyism range of supplements. The Detox Box contains 3 sachets of Beauty Food in addition to a range of other Bodyism supplements, tea infusions, an exercise band and the detox guide.


Why We Love It

“Chrissy and I swear by Beauty Food. It has definitely kept us looking young. It’s the most alkalising supplement out there because we worked endlessly to make something that actually worked. Not only is it filled with all the nutrient greens you need but we also included marine collagen peptides which improve skin tissue elasticity. This supplement is fantastic for nail and hair growth too. Whenever I am travelling, I take this on flights as I know my skin will thank me for it.” James Duigan, Founder of Bodyism

Independent Thoughts…

“Collagen is one of the foods that has dropped out of our diet when we started replacing bone broths or proper stock with msg containing powders. When stock disappeared from our kitchens – and frankly many of us disappeared from our kitchens too – we stopped eating this key nutrient which makes our hair shine, our nails strong and our skin glow.”Rhaya Jordan, Founder of London Naturopathy

Beauty Food Recipe’s

Our Healthy Green Shake Recipe
It’s Beauty in A Bottle

The All Green Shake

Serves 1

1 scoop Beauty Food
1.5 cups Coconut Water
⅕ cucumber
½ lime, juiced

How To Use Beauty Food

Skin Tonic!!

Mix it into 100ml of water and take it as a shot in the morning to get your skin glowing for the day.

Make Beautiful Pancakes!!

Add it to your pancake mix, protein pancakes or flapjack recipes

Medicine Balls!!

Get creative and use it to make medicine balls

Yoghurt & Desserts!!

Mix it into your porridge, granola or yoghurt and add it to raw desserts

Watch James Duigan Make A Beauty Food Shake

Buy Beauty Food Supplements!

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