James Duigan

Mr Clean and Lean

Ten years ago, James Duigan made it his mission to empower as many people as possible by spreading the Clean & Lean philosophy. He lives, eats and breathes the Clean and Lean way of life and makes it his mission to enable people to realize their physical and mental potential. When he is not getting celebrities into shape, you might find him perfecting his Ju Jitsu (he competes at a world class level), or in the kitchen with his kids rustling up his favourite seasonal stew. There is little resting time for Mr Clean and Lean.

Favourite recipe:
Favourite Shake: Body Brilliance, Ultimate Clean, rice milk, berries, spinach, cinnamon
Favourite excersise: Ju Jitsu
Favourite Bodywear clothing:
Motivational quote: Be kind to yourself

You can follow James on Twitter @JamesDuigan