The blueprint to transform your workplace

We’ve enjoyed the benefits of curating a happy, healthy working environment first hand, and now we want to share our principles with businesses all over the country to help them succeed in their own way.

No matter your current size or structure, with our unique workplace programme, we'll empower you to take care of your employee’s mental and physical health.

Putting wellbeing at the centre of your company's ethos will not only increase your staff's presentism and satisfaction but also their productivity and performance.

What Bodyism can do for your business:

  • Bespoke gym design
  • Tailored equipment and consultation
  • Gym management
  • Organisation of wellness events
  • Bespoke supplement range
  • Specialist trainers
  • Visiting practitioners of massage, skincare and more

We’re proud to bring our bespoke training approach to the Universal Music Group’s UK studio, where we offer our classes to their staff, letting them centre themselves and refuel their creative minds.