Why Gut Health Matters

Why Gut Health Matters

And what we can all do to optimise it

At our recent Bodyism event, GP and Doctor in the House Dr Rangan Chatterjee, nutritionist Eve Kalinik and UCL Pharmacologist Dr Simon Gaisford discussed the primacy of gut health, and gave advice on what we might do to optimise it.

Why might our gut be unhappy?

Modern life is not always good for gut health. Issues affecting the microbiome (the 100 trillion or so microbes that live in our gut) include Cesarean births, antibiotics, ultra-processed food and stress.

The Western gut has some half the microbial diversity of that in contemporary tribal cultures, such as the Hanza.

Why does this matter?

New research is proving the health of the gut relates not just to IBS, bloating or other digestive issues – but a range of issues from joint pain, to infections, to inflammatory conditions such as heart disease and diabetes. Current investigations are exploring links between gut health and Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

The bacteria in our gut digest our food; we are often only able to absorb the nutrients our bacteria have digested for us (ie a good diet will make no difference if there is insufficient good bacteria).

The gut plays a huge role in our immune system – and increasingly it appears to have a role in modulating anxiety and mood, via the gut-brain axis.

What can we do?

In a lifestyle sense, we should exercise and move our bodies; manage stress; get enough sleep; eat a wide range of foods – and chew our food well!

We should also limit late night snacking: bacteria like to have a 12 hour rest period overnight, so aim to finish supper by eg 8pm and then breakfast at e.g 8am.


In terms of supplements, a University College London study found that the bacteria in most probiotics does not reach the intestines alive. When eight common probiotics were tested, only Symprove arrived at the gut alive and thriving.

What is Symprove? A unique water based food supplement to support the gut microbiome. Symprove gets more thriving bacteria to where it matters most.

Taking Symprove is known to have at least three key benefits:

  1. The four bacteria in Symprove give off lactic acid. This lowers the gut pH, so pathogens such as eColi are killed off.
  2. The lactic acid feed your own gut bacteria, encouraging your microbiome (or gut flora) to work at its full potential. The health of your microbiome resonates with almost all other aspects of wellbeing.
  3. A recent study found that well people taking Symprove have increased numbers of short chain fatty acids, which keep the gut walls in good shape and reduce inflammation (inflammation being linked to a range of modern ailments from diabetes and heart disease to strokes and cancer). This is to say that if healthy people take an effective probiotic, it can work to optimise their bodies – in other words, to help keep them healthy.

Do you like to take Symprove? Let us know @Bodyism

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