Heal and cleanse your gut

The revolutionary, alkaline formula harnesses the power of a unique and highly concentrated mixed strain of live bioavailable microorganisms on an organic, fermented greens base. This extra-strength blend has extraordinary healing and cleansing properties, scientifically engineered to deliver real results.

You’ll Love It Because…

“BODYISM clients have long been asking me about gut health. With the launch of Ultra Probiotic, I am proud to deliver a unique and powerful product that has been specifically engineered from organic, earth-grown ingredients with transformative results in mind. We put an incredible amount of research and thought into everything we do, and it has resulted in the most effective and highly bioavailable probiotic.”
James Duigan

“Probiotics are fundamental to every diet. Unless you make a point of eating fermented food and plenty of fibre daily, your gut isn’t getting the necessary dose of good bacteria to maintain healthy digestion. For a busy person living a modern lifestyle, a daily supplement is essential. Ultra Probiotic is the most powerful, results-driven formula I have found.”
Rhaya Jordan, Naturopath

All You Need To Know About Gut Health

Recent research into fibre, the microbiome (aka our gut bacteria) and the brain has shown that gut health has a substantial affect on the mind. Diets high in fat and sugar interfere with anti-anxiety neurotransmitters known as GABA, whereas probiotics have been found to actually boost these amino acids. Yep, probiotics don’t just ‘keep you regular,’ they just may also change the way you see the world!

Unlike competitors, BODYISM’s Ultra Probiotic does not need to be refrigerated, making it convenient and perfectly suited to a busy, modern lifestyle. Just two capsules of Ultra Probiotic daily are potent enough to significantly impact health, transforming your entire body from the inside out – who doesn’t have time for that!?

Why Do I Need A Probiotic?

At BODYISM, we create long, lean, healthy bodies — feeding the good bacteria in your gut is an essential step to maintaining physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. By healing the gut, Ultra Probiotic can change the way you look and feel fast and effectively.

What’s Everyone Else Saying?

Tori Boughey, Founder of TBalance

“If I had to pick one supplement I couldn’t live without, hands down it’d be probiotics. I couldn’t be happier that the Bodyism team have launched the Ultra Probiotic. The quality of Bodyism’s supplements are second to none and these are no exception. I feel great and it’s only been 2 weeks.”

Rosie Underwood, Beauty Editor of OK!

“Your skin, eyes, hair and mood are powerful outward expressions of what’s going on inside, so gut health is a priority for me. These probiotics have been a game changer. I feel a million times better in myself, I don’t bloat after meals and my immune system is better than ever before. Happy days!”

Bodyism Customer

“This Probiotic is the most powerful forumla I’ve tried (and I’ve tried them all!) Within days I felt real improvement in my digestion and a noticeable boost in my energy levels! I never truly understood how important the gut is to health until this product reshaped my personal definition of wellness!”

For Extra Gut Support, Why Not Try These?

Supplement Bag

Our supplement bag contains 30 servings of Ultimate Clean making this raspberry flavoured supplement the ideal addition to a healthy kitchen. Packed with fibre and probiotics, add it to your shakes, pancakes or desserts.


Supplement Box

Our supplement box contains 10 servings of Ultimate Clean. Each sachet is small and light enough to carry and contains the recommended serving amount. The supplement box is perfect for those wanting to stay fit and healthy on the go.


Detox Box

Our 9 Day Detox Box is perfect for those wanting to begin a detox or try the Bodyism range of supplements. The Detox Box contains 3 sachets of Ultimate Clean in addition to a range of other Bodyism supplements, tea infusions, an exercise band and the detox guide.