Find out how Bodyism has changed the lives of our clients.
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Rosie Huntington-Whiteley

What I’ve learned through working with James is that by focusing on creating a healthy body, you can really achieve all of these things, faster than I ever thought possible. Oh, and by the way – nobody can get a stomach as flat as James can!

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Lara Stone

Pregnancy is supposed to be the most amazing time in a woman’s life. We’ve all heard stories of the glowing expectant mum, with the toned legs and neat bump and the instant and deep connection with their unborn baby. I’m sure those pregnancies exist, but mine certainly wasn’t like that…

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Holly Valance

Ask me to do something, and I probably won’t. Ask me not to, and I’ll hop to it! It’s always been that way! So when James and I started out on our first training session I figured I had another bloke who’d turn out to be Chief Sarge of the Fun Police and poo poo everything I’ve always done, and try to make me do things I’ve never really been interested in doing to begin with. Guess what? I was wrong.