Complete Serenity - Promotes relaxing and restful sleep



Complete Serenity - Promotes relaxing and restful sleep


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Serenity is an all-natural vegan chocolate shake, meaning you can enjoy your favourite sweet treats whilst still getting the essential nutrient and vitamins that your body needs. It has calming calcium, chamomile and hops to help promote a relaxing and restful sleep, meaning your body can get the rest it truly deserves.

Our specialist vegan supplement is full of calming herbs that can help to lower anxiety levels and combat the stress hormones that dump fat on your tummy. Essentially, this one tiny supplement added to your daily, healthy eating regime can help your body from preventing excess fat from being made.

The health supplement contains the amino acid L-glutamine, a substance which has been shown to repair your gut lining. This can help encourage optimal health and assist your body when:

  • absorbing nutrients
  • recovering from stress
  • controlling blood sugar levels

The supplement is rich in anti-oxidants, which can help defuse free radicals and support your body to fight aging while you sleep. It includes herbs like rosemary and liquorice root – both of which are known for their antiviral, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antidepressant properties. These anxiety-soothing vitamin supplements are ideal for those struggling to sleep as they contain:

  • hops, oats and chamomile to help your body relax
  • calcium and magnesium; a powerful combination for nervous system support
  • L-Lysine and L-Arginine Pyroglutamate to support the release of hormones to create lean muscles and encourage muscle revcovery

Another huge positive about these tasty supplements… they taste like chocolate but have no added sugar. It’s the perfect sweet treat without the guilt!

They’re free of soy, lactose, whey, artificial colours, sweeteners and preservatives to ensure you’re getting some of the healthiest supplements around.

Enjoy 1 scoop (8g) with water, milk or alternative milks. These supplements are best taken once a day before bed time, or enjoyed instead of dessert!

The health supplements we provide should be consumed as part of a balanced diet. It’s still important to make sure your body is at its best by following a healthy eating regime and strengthening fitness routine – these supplements just add extra nutrients to your body that you may not be receiving if you’re struggling with your diet, or just a fussy eater!

The Clean and Lean healthy supplements are the result of years of intensive research. We at Clean and Lean are committed to creating ethical, quality products that have a positive impact on your health and how you look and feel – right from helping you create a healthy diet to an intensive fitness routine.

All Clean and Lean products are made from natural ingredients and do not contain artificial colours, sweeteners, flavours or preservatives.

Organic fermented Pea Protein Isolate, Carob powder, Organic sprouted brown rice concentrate, Ultrasweet 6 Blend (Oligofructose, Xylitol, Tapioca Maltodextrin, Glycine Pwd, organic Stevia powder, Silica Colloidal), Organic Raw Cacao, Natural Chocolate, French Vanilla pwd, L-Arginine Hydrochloride, L-Glutamine, L-Lysine, Xanthum Gum, Hesperidin powder, L-Arginine Pyroglutamate, Magnesium Orotate, Organic Wild Rosella powder, Calcium Ascorbate, Green Tea 10:1, L theanine powder, Liquorice Root Powder, Beta Glucan – Barley, Oat Seed Extract 4:1, Chamomile Powder, Hops Powder, Rosemary Powder, Folic Acid Powder

May contain traces of gluten.

“I swear by the Serenity supplement for a good night’s sleep. Mixed with warm coconut milk, it calms the mind and rests muscles in preparation for a deep, restful sleep.” – Jo Holley, Retail Editor Vogue UK

Servings per package: 30
Serving size: 8g
Serve per 8g 100g
Energy 104 kJ (22Cal) 1300kJ (312Cal)
Protein 3.6g 45.2g
Fat (Total) 0.1g 1.5g
-Saturated less than 0.1g 0.4g
Carbohydrate 1.9g 24.2g
-Sugars 1.1g 14.0g
Sodium 10mg 122mg
Fibre 0.8g 9.7g

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