The science of a long, lean, healthy body.

About Bodyism

Bodyism was founded in October 2006 by James Duigan.

At Bodyism, we create long, lean, healthy bodies. Our clients enjoy customized nutrition plans and personal training programs along with our bespoke range of supplements and proteins. Proud to be the top fitness and fat loss specialists in the world, devoted Bodyism fans include many of the world’s most elite actors, models and royalty.

Our dramatic results speak for themselves.

Bodyism offers clients the blueprint for a happy, healthy lifestyle by balancing movement, mindset, nutrition and sleep.

“Each supplement was created with a single pillar of health in mind. I looked at what people needed and worked backwards from that. They are an incredibly powerful baseline of nutrition. Each individual scoop simply enables busy people to gain a huge amount of health benefits without the stress or pressure. Just try one for two weeks and watch the changes happen.” – James Duigan

Since James coined the mantra ‘Clean and Lean’ it has become synonymous with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Celebrity personal trainer James Duigan of Bodyism with Lara Stone
Bodyism offers luxury wellness retreats, spas, clubs and fitness holidays

Bodyism wellness resorts and private membership clubs are open in the finest resorts and fitness hotspots around the globe.

Our flagship private member’s club in London, and the first Bodyism Café, opened its’ doors in 2015 and serves fresh, clean and lean foods plus nutritionally rich Bodyism shakes daily.

Bodyism brings together the finest fitness practitioners and a holistic lifestyle program to provide an incredibly powerful, body (and life) changing experience.