Meet our performance specialists

From boxing to barre, our performance specialists and class instructors provide a unique mix of boutique classes designed to bring you in touch with our empowered, health-focused community. Our experts will help you widen your horizons and provide new techniques to stay energised and uplifted.

Matt began his fitness career studying Sports Coaching at LJMU. Following his studies, he had a successful modelling career in Sydney and New York, working for brands such as Gucci and Adidas and gracing the cover of Cosmopolitan and Men’s Health. Alongside modelling, Matt worked as a personal trainer for models and professional athletes and subsequently moved back to London where he joined Bodyism. His passion for training has led him to become certified by some of the world’s leading fitness institutions, including the renowned EXOS Mentorship Program and the Gray Institute. Matt focuses on making every session bespoke, transformative and fun for our clients. He makes it his goal for his clients to reach their optimum level of fitness.
Mike is a Senior Performance Specialist and Head of Learning and Development at Bodyism. Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge. As part of his holistic approach to fitness, he is able to assess and correct postural issues allowing clients to get the most out of their workout and ultimately their body. Mike's natural interest in the world of health comes out in each session as he is deeply pasionate about what he does. Sessions with Mike are a mix of education, bad jokes and interesting movements.
Personal trainer, club manager and psychology student, Deanna’s passion for movement started from an early age after stepping into her first dance class at the age of three. An injury in her late teens forced her to take a break from dance, where she qualified as a personal trainer. Having spent over ten years in the industry, Deanna has carved a colourful career working with leading sports brands, fitness studios and wellness companies around the world, as both a dancer and a trainer, eventually finding her home with Bodyism. With genuine love and passion for helping others, her goal is to get people to see movement as an essential, enjoyable part of their life, tune into their bodies and take care of their mental health. Her workouts will challenge and uplift you, leaving you feeling strong and empowered.
A personal trainer, yoga teacher and fascial stretch therapist, Josie takes a sustainable, intelligent and holistic approach to training and nutrition. Having grown up playing team sports and later taking an interest in yoga and weight training, Josie works to educate and empower, helping clients to effortlessly integrate movement into their lives. With a genuine love for the Bodyism philosophy, she strives to make her sessions mindful, balanced and enjoyable, whilst challenging you to reach your own potential, leaving you walking away feeling inspired, confident and powerful.
Craig's strength sits between Yoga and Personal Training, understanding the importance of both. His holistic and fun approach keeps his sessions enjoyable but when needed focused and challenged. His passion and love for training come through in his sessions and by continuing to further his knowledge with specialists he holds as mentors. His goal is for clients to understand that they are already capable and unstoppable.
Georgie is a professional boxer trained by World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists. Georgie has previously boxed for England and has won national titles as an amateur. Georgie joined Bodyism as a performance specialist two years ago and has gone on to become Bodyism's Head of Boxing, teaching classes and growing the boxing team. Georgie is also a passionate personal trainer who enjoys helping clients develop better posture and stronger bodies.
Melody is an experienced 800hr qualified Jivamukti yoga teacher. Incorporating the joy she has found in yoga, she teachers her classes as a moving meditation, an uninterrupted flow of breath and movement with precise verbal cues and hands on adjustments. Her classes are challenging and dynamic, helping her students build physical and mental strength and leaving them feeling inspired, nurtured and uplifted. She is dedicated to deepening her own practice and teachings of yoga through frequent investigation and inspiration from all teachers, students, the community and nature.
Matt began practicing yoga eleven years ago when he was undertaking his BA in Acting. Although he admits that in these early days “I couldn’t touch my toes and had terrible posture”, he quickly fell in love with yoga’s feel good effects, and realised the huge benefit it was having on his ability to stay grounded. In 2014 he decided to turn his passion into a profession, and completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training. Matt typically likes to blend the traditions of Hatha with the power of Vinyasa in his classes, and describes his style as direct and to the point. He has been teaching at some of London’s top studios for six years now. If you’re undecided whether to give yoga a go, Matt says “the one thing I find myself repeating to people who say they can’t practice yoga because they’re not flexible is ‘you never take up a new activity because you’ve already mastered it. '" A simple interest and openness is all that’s needed.
After spending the first nine years of his life battling a life threatening birth defect where he spent majority of his childhood indoors, Alex turned to gymnastics and most outdoor activities to take back control of his body. Training as a national gymnast for six years and spending his spare time surfing, he went on to represent South Africa in tennis, karate and aerobic sport before moving onto performing Strength acts like Cirque du Soleil and becoming a professional breakdancer, performing around the world. With a degree in Sports Science and a Masters in Psychology, as well as qualifications in Sports Massage, Active Release Techniques and Strength & Conditioning (UKSCA), Alex is a results driven trainer, working to improve both the physical and mental aspects of his clients. Having worked with everyone from professional athletes and performers to those looking for more general health and wellbeing, he loves taking clients from strength to strength. He uses his vast experience to help them discover their own potential through improving strength and perfecting movements.
Angie has been practicing yoga since she was sixteen years old. The initial motivation for starting her practice came during her years of dance training, when she turned to yoga to help her body heal from the strain ballet and contemporary dance. After experiencing the rewards and benefits of yoga, she undertook an Ashtanga Yoga teacher training course at the Jim Harrington Yoga Union. Since then she has completed her 500-hour Advanced Teacher Training, 50-hour Yoga for Sport, as well as her teacher training in Budokon. Angie’s classes focus on physical awareness and developing the ability to listen to one’s body with the purpose to reconnect body to mind.
Lottie is Bodyism's extreme sportswomen. Inspired by a background in extreme sports, a passion for martial arts and a love of all things movement, Lotti's focus is on functional fitness and building wellbeing from the ground up. Her coaching is the perfect option for anyone looking to become an everyday athlete. Expect to reset the body through non-traditional movement patterns that really work. Lottie will be here teaching both classes and Personal training at Bodyism.
Anna Karides is a leading Yoga and AcroYoga teacher and has been teaching for over a decade. In her native Cyprus, she took part in long-distance running competitions, aerobic marathons, ballet and modern dance for thirteen years. In her teens, a serious hip injury gave her the opportunity to immerse herself deeper into yoga. Anna took her first teacher training while she was completing a Masters in Law and became the youngest ever certified AcroYoga teacher. Anna has been part of the Bodyism team since 2014. Her classes are challenging and reflect her passion for backbends, arm balances and inversions but with her Thai massage background, can also have a therapeutic focus.
Debra’s pilates story started twenty-four years ago when she was involved in a car crash that left her with a severe whiplash injury, followed by a horse riding accident and a difficult pregnancy with twins. Her body was, as she calls it, "a disaster zone". Feeling that pilates is what saved her, she trained to be a classical pilates teacher and never looked back. Debra finds it both a pleasure and a joy to see bodies transform in front of her, giving clients an opportunity to explore the life changing results that she experienced herself. She enjoys helping clients gain strength, stability, stamina, stretch and confidence.

Debra Berzin-Cohen

Olivia is a fully qualified Level 4 Personal Trainer and Level 1 Crossfit Coach. She has recently returned to London after spending eighteen months in Saudi Arabia, where she was training the Royal Family and other high net worth clients. Olivia specialises in Strength and Conditioning, Weight Loss, Mat Pilates and Animal Flow. She has a holistic approach towards training and nutrition and will always go above and beyond to add value for her clients by not only integrating movement into their lives, but also teaching them how to maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle in the long term.
Our new on mat Pilates teacher. Her classes already have made an impression. Emily's passion for movement has always been an important part of her life first - from a love of swimming, dancing, going for runs with her dad movement has always been a strong part of her daily routine. It was her awareness of her hypermobility and PoTS diagnosis that led her to first try Pilates and after one class, she knew it was what she wanted to do. Five years later and she has never looked back! As someone who knows first hand the importance of exercise for mental health, she loves the opportunity of having 50 minutes to make a difference to someone’s day.
From injury management and exercise rehabilitation, to reaching the top ends of strength and aerobic fitness, Nick is a versatile and adaptable coach. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Sport Science and at the final stages of completing a Masters of High Performance Sport, he has attained the ability to apply scientific based training practices to the programming of his clients. Having worked with elite athletes in a number of sports, Nick has a vested interest in sports performance and keeping his clients injury free. He believes that everyone should understand their individual strengths and capabilities, in order to achieve their desired training goals, in the fastest and safest way possible.
Predominantly training in classical ballet as a young dancer, Sianad was fortunate to win a full 3 year scholarship at the prestigious Laine Theatre Arts, where she gained extensive training in all disciplines of dance, musical theatre and physical anatomy. Since graduating with a level 6 National Diploma, she has enjoyed huge success both in the UK and internationally, working for renowned brands and artists such as Kylie, Tinie Tempa and Florence and the Machine, as well as spending several seasons as a resident dancer on The X Factor and Britain’s Got Talent. Fitness has always been a bi-product of her work as a performing artist, but a break from dance due to injury saw her working on ways to still stay active safely, and saw her begin to teach. She quickly discovered a true passion for helping people of all ages and abilities achieve their physical goals through dance. After 6 years of teaching Dance fitness in London, Sianad spent 3 years in Los Angeles, where she honed her skills as a Barre instructor at Ballet Bodies. Although not easy, her sessions are fun, dynamic and accessible to all who want to push themselves, leaving you feeling energised, stronger and empowered.
Billie was introduced to Vipassana meditation at the age of eight years old, becoming the foundation of her continued focused on practical philosophies. In 2008, she trained as a Sivananda yoga teacher and since then has expanded her teaching to include pre and post-natal, restorative, Yin, dynamic classes with a specialism in children’s groups. With over a decade of experience, Billie is able to draw on an ancient body of knowledge, applying the teachings from classic texts, particularly Lao Tze’s ‘Tao Te Ching’ and Patanjali’s ‘Yoga Sutras’.
Tass-Arya is one of the UK’s leading experts in personal development, transformation and self-study, with her own journey powerfully demonstrating the effectiveness of the practices she has adopted, and now teaches. Her knowledge of yoga, most notably her interpretation of the yamas and niyamas, has assisted her work with inmates in HMP Wandsworth and those recovering from trauma and addiction, since 2000. Tass-Arya has spent 20 years amongst a community practicing meditation, movement and mindfulness from a variety of disciplines. Yoga is a continuing contribution to her overall wellness practice. She teaches both dynamic yoga and Yin yoga at some of the most prestigious spaces in the UK and encourages an approach of fitness of both body and mind. In recent years, her physical practice has led to a greater interest in hand-balancing which she also now teaches.
Our in-house Osteopath and one of Bodyism’s yoga teachers, Jessica works to combine these two disciplines, whilst intertwining elements from her pilates and personal training qualifications. Treatments with Jess will help to relieve symptoms of stress and postural strain, helping you to understand your body, the reoccurrence of old injuries and how to prevent new ones. Within her classes, Jess teaches an alignment focused Vinyasa style yoga class with hands on assists that will help you understand the practice and get even more out of your class.
Suzie is an engaging and bubbly yoga teacher who shares her passion by teaching creative and physically challenging classes. She has been practising yoga for over a decade and never teaches the same class twice, using music, aromatherapy oils and philosophy to inspire her students to move from their minds into their bodies. Suzie has been praised as a teacher for her upbeat energy, creativity and unique approach. Her passion is to help people achieve what they thought was impossible both physically and mentally.
Mateo, our no fuss and always fun PT. He uses his knowledge of neuroscience and anatomy to train in both strength and conditioning, sports and active release therapies, understanding both the physiological and holistic needs of his clients. Mateo coaches in a way to encourage long term lifestyle change to help his clients achieve improved body composition, sports performance, specific goals and stress management. He acknowledges the importance of recovery, mindset, and science based training for optimal performance in individuals in all walks of life or careers.