Meet our trainers

Our team delivers bespoke 1-1 Private Training services and intimate small group classes within our locations. Select Bodyism trainers are also available for travel opportunities internationally or virtual appointments. From boxing to barre, our performance specialists and class instructors provide a unique mix of boutique classes designed to bring you in touch with our empowered, health-focused community. Our experts will help you widen your horizons and provide new techniques to stay energised and uplifted.

A personal trainer, yoga teacher and fascial stretch therapist, Josie takes a sustainable, intelligent and holistic approach to training and nutrition. Having grown up playing team sports and later taking an interest in yoga and weight training, Josie works to educate and empower, helping clients to effortlessly integrate movement into their lives. With a genuine love for the Bodyism philosophy, she strives to make her sessions mindful, balanced and enjoyable, whilst challenging you to reach your own potential, leaving you walking away feeling inspired, confident and powerful.
Mike is a Senior Performance Specialist and Head of Learning and Development at Bodyism. Mike has a wealth of experience and knowledge. As part of his holistic approach to fitness, he is able to assess and correct postural issues allowing clients to get the most out of their workout and ultimately their body. Mike's natural interest in the world of health comes out in each session as he is deeply pasionate about what he does. Sessions with Mike are a mix of education, bad jokes and interesting movements.
Personal trainer, club manager and psychology student, Deanna’s passion for movement started from an early age after stepping into her first dance class at the age of three. An injury in her late teens forced her to take a break from dance, where she qualified as a personal trainer. Having spent over ten years in the industry, Deanna has carved a colourful career working with leading sports brands, fitness studios and wellness companies around the world, as both a dancer and a trainer, eventually finding her home with Bodyism. With genuine love and passion for helping others, her goal is to get people to see movement as an essential, enjoyable part of their life, tune into their bodies and take care of their mental health. Her workouts will challenge and uplift you, leaving you feeling strong and empowered.
Craig's strength sits between Yoga and Personal Training, understanding the importance of both. His holistic and fun approach keeps his sessions enjoyable but when needed focused and challenged. His passion and love for training come through in his sessions and by continuing to further his knowledge with specialists he holds as mentors. His goal is for clients to understand that they are already capable and unstoppable.
Rebecca's passion for holistic health and wellness began over a decade ago, when while living in Sydney she fell in love with Yoga and its ability to connect the body and mind. Rebecca has since gone on to study classical pilates, personal training and nutrition. She lives by the Bodyism philosophy and truly believes that if you take a holistic approach to wellness, by incorporating Bodyism's 4 Pillars of health,, you can change your life. After completing her degree in Business and Management and a stint in London's corporate World she joined the Bodyism family in 2018, now managing our Holland Park Villas residential site.


Georgie is a professional boxer trained by World Champions and Olympic Gold Medallists. Georgie has previously boxed for England and has won national titles as an amateur. Georgie joined Bodyism as a performance specialist two years ago and has gone on to become Bodyism's Head of Boxing, teaching classes and growing the boxing team. Georgie is also a passionate personal trainer who enjoys helping clients develop better posture and stronger bodies.
Lotti is Bodyism's extreme sportswomen. Inspired by a background in extreme sports, a passion for martial arts and a love of all things movement, Lotti's focus is on functional fitness and building wellbeing from the ground up. Her coaching is the perfect option for anyone looking to become an everyday athlete. Expect to reset the body through non-traditional movement patterns that really work. Lotti will be here teaching both classes and Personal training at Bodyism.
After spending the first nine years of his life battling a life threatening birth defect where he spent majority of his childhood indoors, Alex turned to gymnastics and most outdoor activities to take back control of his body. Training as a national gymnast for six years and spending his spare time surfing, he went on to represent South Africa in tennis, karate and aerobic sport before moving onto performing Strength acts like Cirque du Soleil and becoming a professional breakdancer, performing around the world. With a degree in Sports Science and a Masters in Psychology, as well as qualifications in Sports Massage, Active Release Techniques and Strength & Conditioning (UKSCA), Alex is a results driven trainer, working to improve both the physical and mental aspects of his clients. Having worked with everyone from professional athletes and performers to those looking for more general health and wellbeing, he loves taking clients from strength to strength. He uses his vast experience to help them discover their own potential through improving strength and perfecting movements.
Lily is a Pilates, barre and ballet teacher known for her infectious smile, sunny personality and brilliant classes (loved by both adults and kids). Pilates had always been an important part of Lily’s dance training and as a result she developed a passion for the practice. She helps you connect and engage your muscles on a deeper level throughout each exercise. Her sessions leave you feeling lengthened, stronger, more flexible and with a clear mind.


Matt began practicing yoga eleven years ago when he was undertaking his BA in Acting. Although he admits that in these early days “I couldn’t touch my toes and had terrible posture”, he quickly fell in love with yoga’s feel good effects, and realised the huge benefit it was having on his ability to stay grounded. In 2014 he decided to turn his passion into a profession, and completed his 200-hour yoga teacher training. Matt typically likes to blend the traditions of Hatha with the power of Vinyasa in his classes, and describes his style as direct and to the point. He has been teaching at some of London’s top studios for six years now. If you’re undecided whether to give yoga a go, Matt says “the one thing I find myself repeating to people who say they can’t practice yoga because they’re not flexible is ‘you never take up a new activity because you’ve already mastered it. '" A simple interest and openness is all that’s needed.
Coming from a background of psychological studies Julia especially sees value in the transformative power of the practice. Drawing on her training in Ashtanga, Jivamukti and Dharma Yoga, Julia combines the most valuable aspects of those into her dynamic sessions. With a strong focus on alignment and breath, her sessions give each student the right level of challenge according to their ability, adjusting and deepening the practice with hands-on assistance whenever needed, giving the students the chance to evolve.


Our in-house Osteopath and one of Bodyism’s yoga teachers, Jessica works to combine these two disciplines, whilst intertwining elements from her pilates and personal training qualifications. Treatments with Jess will help to relieve symptoms of stress and postural strain, helping you to understand your body, the reoccurrence of old injuries and how to prevent new ones. Within her classes, Jess teaches an alignment focused Vinyasa style yoga class with hands on assists that will help you understand the practice and get even more out of your class.
True to Bodyism, Jack takes an approach beyond personal training. Jack's personal philosophy is it doesn't matter how you do it, just strive to become that 0.1% better version of yourself than you were yesterday, 'Moving the needle' forward. Fitness and nutrition became his foundation to pick himself up from mental health struggles, from which he learned that controlling what you put into your body and how you move your body, allows you to focus on empowering changes within your personal development. Jack believes in implementing strategies, workouts and healthy practices that work around your lifestyle and support your mental health, improving your quality of life inside and outside of a gym environment, whilst providing all the physical benefits you would expect.


Amanda trained in Musical Theatre at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland; it was during her time there and upon entering the professional World that Amanda found maintaining a regular yoga practice helped to alleviate the pressures associated with the competitive nature of the arts industry. This led her to complete a 200hr yoga teacher training in Bali, so that she was equipped to share the mental and physical benefits of the practice with others. At Bodyism Amanda uses her dance background and holistic approach to fitness to teach a unique Barre practice for those who want to gain the strength and elongation of a ballerina - whilst still having fun! Her classes are a fusion of classic barre work, aerobics, and dance for a full body workout leaving you inspired and energised!


Rosie is a teacher and specialist in Vinyasa flow with positive psychology, as well as a holistic and Integrative health coach. Rosie used yoga as a way to ground herself throughout her long career as a lifestyle journalist and credits it with keeping her calm and level-headed amidst the pressures of shoots, print deadlines and the everyday stresses life can throw at us. Her dedication to her yoga practice has taken her to all four corners of the globe, allowing her to fully understand what it takes to make people feel the best they possibly can, no matter what their circumstances. Rosie has trained with over 85 of the wellbeing industry’s leading experts, including Deepak Chopra, Dr Mark Hyman and Doctor Andrew Weil, and has formulated a unique, well-rounded teaching and coaching practice as a result. Her ethos is simple - to make people feel as happy as they possibly can. She achieves this by working with people from a bio-individual standpoint, tailoring every session to each person’s unique needs with energetic, uplifting, dynamic sequences.


Braden is a barre teacher with over 1500 classes under his belt and 8 years experience. Originating from Salt Lake City, he jumped across the pond with his husband in 2021 bringing his vibrant energy to the Bodyism team in London. His sessions are challenging, dynamic and fun - guaranteed to leave you feeling accomplished. When he's not sculpting the bodies of Bodyism, he can be found baking, gardening or exploring new neighborhoods around London!
Suzie is an engaging and bubbly yoga teacher who shares her passion by teaching creative and physically challenging classes. She has been practising yoga for over a decade and never teaches the same class twice, using music, aromatherapy oils and philosophy to inspire her students to move from their minds into their bodies. Suzie has been praised as a teacher for her upbeat energy, creativity and unique approach. Her passion is to help people achieve what they thought was impossible both physically and mentally.