The Importance of Slowing Down


Being busy is somehow a badge of honour and resting is considered indulgent and far out of the realms of possible for a lot of us. Sound all too familiar? Here’s why proper relaxation is integral [...]

5 Ways To Relieve Stress

Stress at work is increasingly common and yet we rarely get time to relax. Yoga Specialist Anna Karides shares her top tips for quickly improving your mood and relieving stress at the office.


Recent updates on social media channels and smart phones have brought our relationship with phone screens to light. There are more ways to communicate than ever, yet as a society, we’ve never [...]

Benefits of Aromatherapy

Fast paced life and daily demands may often leave us feeling tense, anxious and stressed. Scents, however, have a unique ability to bring back good memories, improve your mood and help to unwind.

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