Residential Partnerships

As the collective shifts towards a new model of holistic wellbeing, homes beautifully designed with wellness at their core
and centred around a healthy lifestyle are becoming more important than ever.

If you’re looking to elevate your property complex, we’ll work with you to provide every one of your residents with an exclusive living experience that integrates wellness into their every day, creating an at-home sanctuary that revitalises and restores.  

New guests and long-term residents alike will receive a Bodyism welcome pack, directing them to our holistic wellness programmes. They’ll learn about their new state-of-the-art Bodyism Gym, which we will help to both set up and manage. It is in this beautiful space that our specialists will guide your residents through the Four Pillars of Health (Mindset, Movement, Nutrition and Sleep) and tailor bespoke plans around their needs. They will also have access to daily personal training, energising their bodies and minds through an impactful mix of yoga, pilates, boxing, swimming and ballet.


You can also integrate our unique spa offering for ultra-luxurious living – with massage therapists trained in Thai, Lymphatic, Brazilian Cellulite, Remedial and Therapeutic techniques. Or let them indulge in glowing skin with our groundbreaking medical and beauty treatments, specially derived by the experts at Skin Matters. They’ll even get an exclusive discount on future memberships to our flagship club in the heart of Notting Hill.

With this beautiful wellbeing offering, your guests will be empowered to step out into the world each day from a truly self-nurturing space.

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Bodyism Nutritional Food and Beverages


Identify existing menu offerings that align with our ‘Clean and Lean’ eating philosophy, empowering guests to eat healthily within existing dining outlets


Develop a new wellness menu featuring unique and delicious Bodyism recipes.


Tailor the mini bar to include wellness amenities and Bodyism nutritional supplements.

Bodyism Blueprint for Health

four core pillars


Any change that happens in the body, happens in the mind first.


Movement is medicine.


Nourish your body, don’t count calories. 


Sleep is where the magic happens.


Our Clients

  • "So many clubs are impersonal these days - there's no real tailored approach because trainers are too busy to focus on the individual members. In the few times I've visited Bodyism, I've always felt like my fitness and health needs are being met, and not just getting lost amongst a 'one size fits all' list of potential needs. It's more of an experience than just a workout. The classes are targeted, the trainers are so knowledgeable on everything from nutrition to conditioning, and being there feels like I'm in a nice community - like being part of a bigger, more attuned health movement."

    Zoe Cripps SUNDAY MIRROR

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