How To Ease The Symptoms Of Jet Lag

How To Ease The Symptoms Of Jet Lag

The healthiest solutions to getting your body and mind as far from the disorientation of travelling across time zones

As the world becomes more connected, travelling across multiple longitudes is just a way of life for a lot of us. Whether it’s much needed down time that takes you to new territory, or an ever-demanding work schedule, finding yourself in the grips of the travel induced sleep disorder can become an occupational hazard for some, so it’s not one to be over looked when it comes to your overall health.

Why is it so important to ease the effects?

It’s no secret that sleep is one of the strongest pillars of health. It’s the time our bodies allow our cells to renew and regenerate, as well as working small wonders on our physical and mental health. While it’s impossible to prevent jet lag completely, it’s important to do what you can to keep the collection of symptoms you may experience at bay so that optimal health is maintained, and your sleep cycle keeps you functioning like a socially acceptable Sapien.

Adjust your diet

Increase your anti-oxidant in take from fruits and vegetables and up the hydration factor. The effects of dehydration are exuberated by salty foods, so steer clear of those inviting plane snacks as well as any stimulants like caffeine or alcohol directly before, during and after you fly.

Move your body

Cabin pressure during a flight is actually lower than sea level, so your body’s ability to absorb oxygen is reduced, meaning you can say hello to lethargy and exhaustion on top of your body adjusting to a new time zone. As much as it might feel like the last thing on your mind post long-haul, exercise plays an important role in shifting this negative pattern. ‘Increasing your heart rate through movement will follow with an increased amount of energy at times where you would normally be winding down’ says Matt Bevan, Bodyism’s head trainer. ‘Time your regime correctly and your body will receive the energy it needs to stay awake and move you towards resetting that body clock.’

Make use of Aromatherapy

Our sense of smell is directly linked to the most primitive parts of our brain, meaning inhalation of certain scents can trigger emotional and sometimes physical responses in our bodies, having a profound effect on how we function.  If you need to keep awake have a Peppermint essential oil at hand (much better than a shot of espresso). Inhalation of Lavender oil is the best option if you’re needing to hit the land of nod, whilst Lemon Grass and Geranium oil balance hormones, particularly melatonin resulting in less fatigue.

Stock up on supplements

For sleep – Your quest for that illusive eight hours kip will be that much harder post travel. Bodyism’s Serenity supplement blend of slumber inducing liquorice root, hops, rosemary, oats and chamomile will lull you into a sleepy state in no time.

For energy – Bodyism’s Berry Burn supplement is officially Jet Lag’s worst nightmare, being packed full of fibres and antioxidants from energy-boosting ingredients like Brazilian Acai and Pea Protein, kicking lethargy and drowsiness to the curb in a heat beat.

By Rosie Underwood

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