How To Cultivate Your Most Important Friendship

How To Cultivate Your Most Important Friendship

The one with yourself

Friendship and kindness is central to the Bodyism philosophy – it is an essential part of living a healthy and happy life. While friendships come in many different forms, at Bodyism we believe that the most important one to celebrate and cultivate is your friendship with yourself.

Using our four pillars of health, we have put together a few top tips to help you be a better friend to yourself.


True wellness is only achieved when your mind and body are in sync. Start being a friend to your body and mind with these small changes, grounded in self-love.

  • Meditation

Clearing space in your mind (and your schedule) will empower and energise you. For meditation on the go, we love the Headspace and Insight Timer Apps – bring yourself back to the present with guided meditation and mindfulness exercises. Try to carve out just 10 minutes a day and start feeling the positive effects: enjoy lower levels of stress and anxiety, with improved sleep and focus.

  • Digital detox

Advances in social media and technology have been a blessing and a curse for friendships in recent years – studies have shown that as we become more connected, we communicate less. As friendships become increasingly entangled in the digital world, it is important to take time to disconnect and catch up with yourself. For some extra motivation and helpful tips, try the Moment App to monitor and reduce your screen time.


It is hard to find a more empowered state than that post-workout high. Listen to your body by keying into your incredibly intuitive system – this will help you get back in-touch with yourself and restore balance!

  • Yoga

Yoga is the perfect way to reconnect with yourself through movement. Focusing on your breath, while aligning and strengthening your body, is sure to leave you feeling refreshed and grounded. The Bodyism B-Calm Yoga class is the perfect way to re-engage with the natural rhythm of your body and balance your mind; this candle-lit class is the peaceful escape your body and mind has been craving! For a more energetic experience, try the fun and challenging Bodyism Yoga Sculpt class.


Be kind to yourself by nourishing your body with vibrant and nutritious food. Rather than focusing on restriction and what not to eat, listen to what your body needs and enjoy yourself. A good way to think about this is the 80/20 approach: the majority of your diet should be healthy wholefoods, but it is important remain flexible and leave space for less healthy indulgences.

  • Cooking

Reinvigorate your friendship with yourself through cooking. Treating yourself to home cooked meals is a fun activity that can help ground you after a long day. It also has the added benefit of being great for your health; preparing meals yourself means that you avoid any nasty additives or hidden sugars. This is also a great way of reconnecting with friends – spread the love and gratitude by inviting them to join.

  • Supplements

Nourish your body with the help of our super-charged supplements. With a choice of seven Bodyism supplements, you can combat a range of problems from inflammation to stress. This is the perfect way to be kind to your body, ensuring that it is getting everything it needs. Use Bodyism supplements to simplify your routine, without sacrificing nutritional value – simply order from Net-A-Porter, Mr Porter or pick one up from our Notting Hill flagship.


When your schedule starts filling up and you need to free up space, sleep is often the first thing to go. There are many problems caused by sleep deprivation: impaired brain function, weight gain, forgetfulness, depression, haggard skin, heart problems, a compromised immune system… the list goes on. Prioritise yourself by ensuring that you make time for rest and regeneration.

  • Aromatherapy

Essential oils can be incredibly helpful when it comes to getting a restorative night’s sleep. Try a couple drops of lavender oil, jasmine oil, or lemon balm oil on your pillow to reduce stress and help you drift off.

  • Serenity

Try our Bodyism Serenity supplement to help you unwind in the evenings and combat sleeping problems. For a soothing pre-bed drink, mix Serenity into your choice of warmed up milk – we love oat milk – and enjoy! Full of calming herbs that lower anxiety levels and combat stress hormones, this can bring you one step closer to your dream sleep routine.

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