Signature Bespoke Facial

75 minutes | £245 (includes Body Ballancer)
This facial blends traditional and scientific techniques to treat the skin from a dermal to epidermal level with instant and long-term results. It includes Gua Sha drainage, deep-pore cleaning, vacuum suction, acupressure and acupuncture to release muscle tension and lines, optional micro-needling, vitamin infusion and LED therapy.

The Facial

60 minutes | £180
Your Facial, specific only to you. OxygeneO oxygen exfoliation with red algae and ferulic oxypods. An amazing, brightening exfoliation system that creates bubbles of Carbon Dioxide on the surface of the skin causing the release of oxygen from your blood vessels. Steam, extractions and nano-current for hydration and plumping. Nano-current is an energy treatment that charges your mitochondria, stimulating collagen, muscle toning and healing. Tailored sculpting massage and LED. Suitable for most skin types.

Skin Hygienist

50 minutes | £145
If your sole aim is clean pores, this is the facial. Great for advanced treatment preparation. Steam with lactic exfoliating treatment. Extractions followed by deep cleaning mud mask for brightening and redness reduction. LED time permitting.

Buccal Massage Facial

80 minutes | £245
Facial buccal massage is a precise and extensive massage of the face, neck and chest including the interior of the mouth. This method relives tension held in all areas of the face, in particular that of the jaw, using deep and intensive movements to stretch and release strained muscles.
The results are instantaneous and provide a lifting and sculpting effect to redefine the face.

Technology Facial

90 minutes | £350
The Technology Facial is still completely bespoke but is modality based with minimal fluff. In this treatment exclusively available with Tarryn, she uses either an azelaic blue peel, enzyme or gel exfoliation to brighten the skin and prep for extractions. Extractions are thorough and lengthy if needed.The treatment phase consists of full face radio-frequency, deep muscle activation therapy, micro needling, sonophoresis and oxygen therapy. To finish LED chest and facial therapy.

Gentle Performance

60 minutes | £165
Esse skincare based facial for highly sensitive reactive skin using organic and priobiotic ingredients to improve and strengthen the skin. This treatment aims to reduce redness, hydrate and heal. Begin with a cleanse, gentle exfoliation, nano current for collagen and healing, ultrasound to infuse the skin with barrier repairing ingredients and finish off with a massage and LED Light.

Event Facial

50 minutes | £180
A deep-lifting, jawline-sculpting massage with Gua Sha fascia release to increase blood flow and reduce lines as well as LED for instant glow, and a vitamin infusion to leave skin silky smooth.

Gentleman’s Hour

60 minutes | £165
This treatment includes enzyme exfoliation and thorough deep-pore cleaning, jawline-sculpting massage to increase blood flow and reduce lines, as well as vitamin and collagen infusion for fine lines and dark circles around the eyes

Product Consultation

30 minutes | £100
This consultation is about understanding your personal bathroom cabinet and ditching the products that aren't working for you. Take some pictures of the ingredients and labels or throw it all in a bag and we will work out a plan that works best for your skin.