Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy (CBH)

With Marc Altorffer

1 hour | £135
Course of 5 Sessions | £600
Marc Altorffer is a fully trained and qualified Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapist (CBH) and Ericksonian hypnotherapist. His work consists in helping people to overcome their issues by guiding and teaching them how to manage their thoughts and emotions. They come to him to deal with issues around stress, anxiety, phobia, panic attack, interpersonal relationship, pain or to get rid of habits such as smoking, nail biting etc.

A therapy is designed for each person individually and generally takes up to 5 to 6 sessions to reach the therapeutic goal. Although positive effects can often be felt after the second session already. Marc insists on working as a team with his client and with this idea in mind he offers a first 20 min session, It can be done by phone, video or in person during which he will explain how the therapy takes place.

What is CBH?

Cognitive Behavioral Hypnotherapy is a rather short term therapy that focuses on the present issue rather than its origins. It is an evidenced-based approach of hypnotherapy and it is heavily based on
psychological research about hypnosis and suggestions.

CBH uses CBT techniques and puts an emphasis on the client’s expectation and imagination. With the use of hypnosis and suggestions the client will be able to modify the way they manage their thoughts, their behaviour and consequently their emotions.