Bodyism Catering

Selection of nourishing meals, healthy sweet treats and supercharged supplements

From glowing skin to inches off the waist – nourishing your body with the right foods can help you shine from the inside, out. The art of creating deliciously vibrant dishes excites and inspires us – which is why we want to encourage other businesses to join the wellbeing revolution. From London Fashion Week shows, launch events and special days, to luxury hotels and business meetings, our catering partnerships will transform the way you think about food.

Bodyism can work with your business in many ways:


Identify existing menu offerings that align with our ‘Clean and Lean’ eating philosophy, empowering guests to eat healthily within existing dining outlets


Develop a new wellness menu featuring unique and delicious Bodyism recipes.


Tailor the mini bar to include wellness amenities and Bodyism nutritional supplements.

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Through an impactful array of seminars, presentations, workshops, and lunch & learn sessions, we’ll organise nutritionist visits and work closely with your catering teams to deliver health-conscious recipes for your employees, guests or residents to enjoy.

We can also incorporate our supplements into the mix – packed with superfoods and all-natural greens to help your clientele achieve nutritional equilibrium. From crave-busting shakes like Berry Burn, to capsules packed with vitamins and minerals like MultiOptimum, Bodyism supplements are perfect for creating a nutritional baseline, supporting your guests and employees in their fitness goals.

Bodyism Shake Recipes

Bodyism  Food Recipes

Our Clients

  • "Thank you so much for catering for our London Fashion Week Show. It's super important to me that the models and our backstage team eat delicious, nutritional food during the fashion week mayhem. The Body Brilliance shakes are perfect for the models to sip on whilst in hair and makeup, and the Summer Rolls are absolutely delicious!"

    Emilia Wickstead Fashion Designer

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