Movement is magical. Energised and fully alive in our bodies, it’s hard to find a more empowered state than that post-workout high. Freeing up and into our awakened selves through exercise brings a stillness and tranquillity – not to mention an endorphin high that never fails to guide us back to centre.

On the flipside, if we don’t move our bodies we can feel stiff, blocked or imbalanced. This sustained period of inactivity can sometimes lead to the other extreme – immersing ourselves in a strict fitness regime too quickly, resulting in burn out or exhaustion. Reaching a state of balance is key – and whilst it may sound simple, sometimes preoccupation with the end goal can make this equilibrium feel elusive.  

At Bodyism, we believe movement should be rooted in intention. Your body knows what it needs. By keying into your incredibly intuitive system and listening to what is right for it in that moment, you empower yourself to train in the right way. That’s why we lean into our restorative classes just much as our high-octane training sessions. So you can surpass physical boundaries and nourish yourself with conscious movement and breath work together.

Check out our tips and tricks below from wellbeing pioneer James Duigan, and discover how to lengthen, strengthen, grow and soar. Are you ready?

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