The Blueprint Box Review: What I Learned

After 14 days following the Blueprint plan, holistic health coach Tori Boughey gives her verdict
Blueprint Box review: Bodyism

I was beyond excited to receive the Bodyism Blueprint Box a few weeks ago and couldn’t wait to get started. The box is packed full of incredible supplements, workout plans, daily powerful actions and many more goodies.

I love Bodyism founder James Duigan’s concept of the “Four Pillars of Health” because it ties in so nicely with my holistic approach to health. I believe health isn’t solely about what we’re eating. A life of contentment is about anything and everything that fills us up, from people and places to jobs and hobbies, exercise and beliefs to relationships, exercise and – of course – food.

Blueprint Box Review: Preconceptions

I hold my hands up, I am not especially good at following programmes. I don’t know whether it’s because I’ve never been great pre judging how I’m going to feel on the day and therefore want to do or eat something different or whether I am just a little scatty and therefore forget! But this one has been great.

Over the past seven or eight years I can pinpoint those moments around Christmas where I have tried to “not let myself go” or got too carried away in the Christmas festivities. But this year so much has changed. I am now more in tune with my body than ever and I can feel when it needs a break, that extra hour in bed as opposed to hitting the gym, a dose of “greens”, a good night’s sleep or some quality time with myself doing the jobs that need doing! I thought that the Blueprint Box would complement my reformed approach to Christmas.

Blueprint Box Review: The Recipes

I started this programme just before the beginning of December and I can’t tell you how great I am feeling. It’s been amazing to have some guidance when I’ve felt as though I’ve needed it and it’s been very effective. I have to say following the recipes every day has been a little bit of a struggle. Even though I do generally maintain a healthy diet, it has been hard to have three home-cooked meals a day, but I really enjoyed the Bodyism frittata on Sunday evening, halfway through the two week plan.

Blueprint Box review: Tori Boughey with James Duigan's Blueprint for Health book

Blueprint Box Review: The Exercise Equipment

The exercise band and gliding discs are so fab. I’ve been able to take them away with me on weekends and as I spend a lot of time working from home, sometimes it’s been nice to take a moment from my desk to complete the day’s movement. I’m heading away for New Year so these will most definitely be coming with me and they pack away so easily so I won’t have to sacrifice any warm clothes!

This has also reminded me that exercise doesn’t just need to be done in a gym. Sometimes I would say “no” to the gym if I didn’t quite have the time to spare an hour or so but these two pieces of equipment have made it possible for me to do 15 mins here and 15 mins there throughout my day.

Blueprint Box Review: Supplements

The Bodyism supplement range is the best out of all the supplements I’ve ever taken, with the Body Brilliance and Beauty Food being my favourites. At this time of year it works wonders on the appearance of my skin, with both my hair and nails feeling a lot stronger too – it’s just the boost I need!

Body Brilliance is in fact something I always try and take before I work out. I love nourishing myself with a hit of greens first thing in the morning and it fills the gap pre-workout!

Blueprint Box Review: Powerful Actions

The daily powerful actions are great. From the random acts of kindness and drinking lots of herbal tea to remembering to chew my food and taking time to relax, these are all things that seem so obvious for a healthy life but can so easily be forgotten. Having daily reminders to do these things has helped make them second nature.

Blueprint Box Review: The Game Changer

After all this, it has to be said that the game changer for me has honestly been the daily gratitude exercises. I used to be so good at using a gratitude journal before bed but managed to slip out of the pattern at some point this year – sticking to these things is sometimes harder than you think!

Being mindful of yourself, the people around you and the amazing things that life brings is beyond powerful. Over the past two weeks I’ve got back into the habit of saying one thing that I am grateful for from my day and it has honestly been incredible.

My last conscious thought of the day is a positive and grateful one which means I go to sleep with a smile on my face rather than worrying about something. I couldn’t recommend this more.

Blueprint Box Review: The Verdict

Overall I have honestly loved my two weeks on the Blueprint plan, and I have definitely made changes that are maintainable in the life I lead. I also hope to find a little more time to attack the Blueprint recipes.

I promised myself I’d learn to rustle up the Turmeric Dhal next time I have guest over… but most likely it’ll be the pancakes.

Did I mention there’s THREE different pancake recipes in the book? It would be rude not to.

Tori Boughey is a London-based holistic health coach and founder of TBalance. Learn more about The Blueprint Box and how addressing the four pillars of health can change your life here.

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