Why do we pine for a vacation? Is it because we work overtime? We feel guilty if we sleep late? We force ourselves to exercise because we feel we ‘have’ to? The expectation list we have written for ourselves is overwhelming. Maybe if we let ourselves chill out every now and then we wouldn’t desperately need a vacation as much. We’ve asked our favourite experts how to relax without a vacation.

Emma Witcomb – Osteopath

Breath: Make time to unplug from all modern distractions, yes that means no Instagram, and instead focus on your breathing. Diaphragmatic breathing, or deep abdominal breathing, encourages full oxygenation and is a fantastic way to relieve tension, stress, help balance your blood pressure, improve posture and so much more.
Breath deep into your stomach pushing it out as far as you can as you take in the air. Then expel the air by allowing your stomach to soften and move inwards. Try to do this for 5 to 10 breaths morning and evening.

Pamper yourself: After your day on-the-go plunge yourself into a relaxing bath with a handful of Epsom Salts thrown in. The Epsom salts natural magnesium content will melt away any muscle tension and reduce inflammation helping relieve aches and pains as well as promoting a release of serotonin (the mood enhancing chemical) which will help all of your stresses drift away.

Be Mindful: Just 5 minutes of mindfulness a day can help relieve stress, improve your mood and improve sleep. There are some great App’s to help get you started, our favourite is HeadSpace. Even without an app just take 5 minutes to find a quiet space and focus on the present and on your natural breathing. Let any thoughts that pop into your head just drift away. If your mind wanders gently redirect it back to the present. It takes practice, but stick at it and you’ll soon find yourself mastering mindfulness and reaping the benefits. We like to start our day with 10 minutes of mindfulness to set us up for any challenges heading our way.
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Jennifer Mann – Bodyism Performance Specialist

When I’m waking up at 5:30 am to make my first session, life can get stressful. There comes a time during my day, my week, my month when I need to stop and listen. I know it’s such a cliché thing nowadays to say “Listen to Your Body, Heal your Body…” but it’s a beautiful truth. We have the power to create space in our life for moments of recovery and peace. We have the power to change how we feel. Words like meditation and mindfulness can be scary or daunting when not knowing what they mean or what they are. Meditation could be going for a 2 hour massage at your favorite spa down the road, buying a book to read while sitting under that oak tree near where you live, baking brownies for your family, drawing, coloring, watching a comedy series, going salsa dancing with your best friends, trying that Kick Boxing you’ve been tempted to take on for weeks. All things imagination, creativity and movement create portals into worlds of confidence, health, wellbeing and happiness. Mindfulness on the other hand is a realisation of the now and by being in the now, nothing can touch you, nothing can move you. You simply exist in your own space. The past has been and the future will be… all we know is the now and how we can make that just right. Movements like Yoga, Thai Chi, Martial Arts are seekers of the concentrated and peaceful mind, a peace that will set balance into anything you do. It is a powerful gateway for decision making, feeling calm and not allowing stress to be a part of your life. We all get stressed, anxious and upset – don’t hold on to anything, be angry and then leave the anger outside your body, leave the anxiety away from your space. If you can’t go on holiday to let your endorphins run free and bring your body and mind back down to a non inflamed state then do it at your home. Do it in your life, find time for your happiness. Doing what makes you happy will make you happy. Change your breakfast, buy a pair of shoes you would never buy, smile at strangers and give people around you a chance. Everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing of, just like you! Allow happiness into your life, feel Move your mind, and your body and life will follow.
Jennifer is our Resident Performance Specialist at the D-Hotel, Turkey.

Jacqueline Hurst – Life Coach

I often say to my clients that you can be walking down Oxford Street and still feel calm and peaceful. This is because it is not the ‘situation’ that we are in or the ‘location’ that we are in that makes us ‘feel’ relaxed or ‘stressed’ it is our mind. How we think is what creates how we feel so relaxing our body comes from choosing the right thoughts in our mind. You don’t have to go on holiday to relax. The point here is to start thinking about what you are thinking about. Are you choosing thoughts that are stressing you out or are you choosing thoughts that are creating calm and peace? It’s always your choice and totally up to you…
Find out how Jacqueline teaches her clients to destress – here.

Ruth Hajioff – Acupuncturist

Travel, although exciting, can take us out of ourselves. This is great in the short term, but it is not a long term solution.Real relaxation comes from the inside and spreads outwards. The journey inwards can be so much more rewarding and leave us with positive and beneficial long term effects. Acupuncture helps to lead to a deep state of relaxation and peace. Sessions build on each other, making it a really useful tool to help cope with life today.
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Find time for you this week – step away from your phone, switch off your to do list and embrace that inner ‘vacation feeling’. Imagine what life could be like when you don’t need to jet off somewhere to feel relaxed and recharged.

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