Crystal Clear

You’ve tried yoga, meditation and hypnosis to focus your mind. Why not crystals? Our performance specialist and resident expert Imogen reveals how these beautiful gemstones can help charge your body with positive energy.

Full disclosure: I’m a crystal junkie. I’m always looking for ways to enhance all I do using these powerful gifts from the universe. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t have one on me or a little collection in my purse, quietly strengthening my bond with Bodyism’s four pillars of mindset, nutrition, movement and sleep. Sound good? Here’s how you can incorporate these little gems into your wellness routine to ensure you’re maximising your time and energy to reach your goals.

MINDSET: Peridot, Mookaite, Vanadinite and Bornite

Lacking motivation to move? Peridot is the crystal for you. This beautifully lime green, earth crystal helps ward off laziness and detoxes your physical and mental energies. Double up with Mookaite, which helps maintain inspiration when you’ve lost your drive. Vanadinite will help you remember your purpose and keep you working towards that fitness goal. Feeling fatigued? Bornite does wonders for boosting your physical energy. Try keeping it in the zip pocket of your gym leggings – because honestly what else are those pockets for?

NUTRITION: Dioptase, Copper

Encourage positive changes and eating habits with the fire crystal dioptase. It’ll help your body balance out its nutritional needs. Place it at your dinner table or in the kitchen while you’re cooking for full effect. Keeping it alongside copper will help stimulate your metabolism and eliminate toxins and waste products that your body can be reluctant to let go of.

SLEEP: Quartz

Quartz is an all-powerful healer. It helps focus your energy and inspiration, clear negativity, ease pain and tension, improve sleep quality and reenergise your body. It’s a life saver. Leave a cluster by your bed and watch true serenity wash over you as you sleep.

MOVEMENT: Aragonite, Elixirs

Pre-workout I’ll hold crystals in my hand and spend a few moments becoming conscious of my breath to focus my mind. I find it helps me set an intention for the workout and makes sense of getting all hot and sweaty. Post workout I urge you to try elixirs. Drinking this “magical” crystal water can help maintain mental and physical balance and boost hydration after exercise. For this, Aragonite is my crystal of choice. It helps relieve and soothe aching muscles and quickly gets you back to full fitness. When home, boost these benefits with an Epsom Salt bath, adding soothing camomile and lavender to feel calm, peaceful, stress free an, crucially, able to walk up the tube stairs the next day.

How To Make Elixir Water

1. Cleanse your crystal by putting it under running water.

2. Pop it in a container of water, such as your filter, a glass or an eco-friendly, BPA-free bottle you carry with you.

3. Internally make a clear, conscious intention when putting the crystal in the water, such as “I am healthy, mobile and free of pain”.

4. Put this in the fridge or under moonlight over night and it’s ready to drink.

5. After 24 hours discard the water and start afresh.

Caution: not all crystals are suitable for making an Elixir. Avoid using halite, crocoite, vanadinite, fuchsite, erythrite or chondrite or achondrite meteorites.

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