I AM SUPER Activewear: Meet the model Jena Goldsack

Meet the model of Bodyism I AM SUPER Activewear Jena Goldsack. Scouted at the age of 16, Jena became a full time model after finishing school at 18. Still finding time to practice self-care in her busy schedule, Jena is a perfect embodiment of the
Bodyism I AM SUPER collection.
I Am Feisty

5 Fast Facts
Favourite Workout : Boxing
Favourite wellness destination: Hawaii
Best Piece of advice you’ve received: “Be patient.”
One thing you do everyday: Bodyism Body Brilliance Shake
Makeup you can’t live without: My eyebrow brush and Giorgia Armani concealer

Describe your style?

What’s your perfect day?
If I’m in London and it’s a Sunday, I wake up and go to Pilates. I always end up in Barnes because it feels like I’m in Cornwall. I like to have a roast dinner there and I’m happy for the week.

Daily beauty ritual?
Kombucha face mask with papaya it has loads of good stuff in it and it’s like an exfoliator for the face. I put it on everyday for half an hour.

Rituals before bed?
Pukka bedtime tea, wind down, get off my phone.

If you weren’t a model what would you be doing?
I want to start making yoga mats out of recycled ocean plastic, I would also love to take my pilots license so I can fly seaplanes.

Travel essentials?
I was actually travelling with the Bodyism mini sachets to have on planes, Body Brilliance is my fave. I also always carry a mini cleanser, my own tea and Pawpaw lip balm.

Health tip/secret?
I’ve recently started taking collagen and it really helps with my skin. I also started taking a maca root supplement, it gives me so much energy that I don’t feel like I need a coffee in the afternoon.

Apps for meditation?
Calm you can listen to rain or the ocean. I use it before bed or whenever I’m stressed out.

Favourite cocktail?
Gin and elderflower with a cucumber.

What superpower would you want to have?
I’d like to teleport myself places so I don’t have to fly. At the moment I have to fly 5 times a week and it can get very tiring.

Favourite superhero?
Batman. I even have Batman socks.

Favourite Villain?
The Bain, only because I’m obsessed with Tom Hardy.

Who are your role models?
Doutzen because of her charity work and my mum.

How is your mum a role model to you?
She’s always encouraged me to travel and see as much as i can.

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