Beat Bloating In 5 Simple Steps

Even healthy food can occasionally unsettle your stomach. Learn how to keep your gut calm and content with expert advice from @theguthealthdoctor, Dr Megan Rossi

Your gut is a sensitive soul. What you eat, how you eat it and even what you’re wearing when you do can all affect how it feels day to day. Chances are you’ve felt it too. Up to 30% of the population have experienced issues with their gut health.

If the trillions of good and bad bacteria in your large intestines are agitated or over fed, they can release a volatile cloud of gas that causes uncomfortable and sometimes painful bloating.

You can strengthen your gut with millions of friendly bacteria by taking the BODYISM Ultra Probiotic or provide it with the right fuel by taking the BODYISM Ultimate Clean prebiotic. But you can also take control by adjusting your eating habits and building in new ones.

Here, Dr Megan Rossi details the five steps you can take to prevent bloating upsetting your day.

“Enjoy a really varied diet,” says Rossi. “I like to set people I see a task of having at least 20 different types of plant-based foods in their diet every week. Eat a wide range of different types of vegetables, fruit, wholegrains, nuts and seeds, and think about eating a broad spectrum of colourful food too. Issues with gut health can affect 30% of us at some point but studies have shown people who have diseases and are frequently unwell have low diversity of bacteria in their gut. They’ve also shown those with greater diversity in their diet, experience improved gut health too.”

“Bloating can be caused by under-digested food reaching the large intestine where all the bacteria lives. They rapidly ferment the food, causing the release of lots of gases that can cause discomfort. Chewing your food properly so it’s more easily digested is the first defence from bloating. Aim for 15 to 20 chews per mouthful.”

“Exercise has been associated with greater gut health. I recommend a minimum of 30 minutes at least five days per week. You don’t need to go to a HIIT session, so long as you are a little bit breathless and feel warm. Even a good pilates class or yoga will do the trick.”

“Wearing tight fitted clothes, especially around the waist, can put a lot of pressure on your gut, causing tummy pain and bloating, regardless of what you eat. It’s called Tight Clothes Syndrome – honest – and is happening more often with people spending their days in tight fitted gym wear.”

“Maldigestion can be caused when you eat too much in one go. Most nutrients are absorbed in the small intestine but it’s in the large intestine where all the bacteria live. If you eat too much fruit in one sitting or gulp down a big fruit smoothie, when this hits the large intestine the bacteria will go crazy and feast on it, causing bloating. Rather than cutting back and missing out on the valuable nutrients in whole fruit, give your gut a chance to process it by leaving one or two hours between portions.”

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