7 Healthy Holiday Destinations Your Body Will Love You For

From Sri Lanka to Bali via Mexico, Mykonos and Morocco, Rosie Underwood charts the very best healthy holiday destinations to visit in 2018

Soul and Surf Sri Lanka

Why I love it: Sri Lanka lets you get wild like no other place on earth. It’s home to barreling surf breaks, some lazy swell for beginners and nestled in the jungle, Soul and Surf’s home lets you live amongst a place that’s unapologetically heaving with life which makes it the perfect healthy holiday.
Best menu item: Hoppers are Sri Lanka’s version of pancakes with super crispy edges. They’re made from fermented rice flour, coconut water and coconut milk. I loved to eat them after a morning surf with an egg cracked into the middle, washed down with some wood apple juice to aid digestion.
Best Fitness tip: If you’re surfing a lot, (which you should be in Sri Lanka) your body will highly appreciate some Yin. Holding poses for up to six minutes at a time, shoulder unfolders and long heart openers really work to soothe tired muscles from the big paddle out, as well as being a great spot for busting jet lag.
Bodyism fitness item: The I am Serene Leotard is a winner for surfing warmer waters and practicing yoga in Sri Lanka’s humidity.

Mexico, Four Seasons Punta Mita

Why I love it: I salute Mexico for being pretty eco-friendly these days, this particular part of the coastline is so clean the ocean is thriving. I spent more time under water with a mask than I did on the land- that’s what you call a healthy holiday! Keep your eye out for the baby turtles hatching on the resorts beach too.
Best thing on the menu: Fresh Octopus from the wood burning grill with local marinades, and of course, their tacos and guacamole!
Best Fitness tip: Yoga in a bespoke anti-gravity hammock has an abundance of therapeutic benefits, but more than anything, suspended inversions are a hell of a lot of fun, and the founder of the practice takes regular sessions at the resort.
Best Bodyism Fitness item: For Anti-Gravity Yoga, it’s important to cover your torso as the fabrics can cause friction burns on the skin. The I am Sultry Jumpsuit is perfect for this as it instantly removes the issue of separates reaping havoc with you as you get upside down. Plus, Mexico is warm but not humid, so you can get away with covering your body for other forms of exercise like beach yoga or runs.

Mykonos, Helios Retreat

Why I love it: This luxurious villa made me feel like I was a serious VIP. Although a fitness retreat, the laid-back attitude made me come back feeling incredibly relaxed (and more toned too)!
Best thing on the menu: Buckwheat granola with coconut yoghurt and organic stewed fruit.
Best Fitness tip: Yoga on the deck overlooking the ocean. Bodyism Yoga Specialist is flying out for the retreat this summer… get ready for the best savasna massages ever.
Best Bodyism Fitness item: Berry Burn. A quick Berry Burn shot is the best thing I packed for this trip as it gave me a burst of energy for the 7am workouts.

Svarga Loka Ubud Bali

Why I love it: Obviously, a great home for surfing and Yoga, but a sanctuary away from the pounding waves, Svarga Loka offers a holistic space in the botanical surroundings of the river banks in Campuhan River in Ubud. There’s something about this place that’s just magic.
Best thing on the menu: Being a home for wellness, everything on the menu is geared up to cleanse the system. Their home-made Granola with local coconut cream, washed down with Kombucha really set me up for the day.
Best Fitness tip: Get up early, and trek through the neighbouring rice fields and river valleys as the sun rises, the resort itself is also a great space to give your hand to some martial arts.
Best Bodyism Fitness item: In Bali I find myself going from one form of exercise to the next pretty swiftly hour to hour because it has so much to offer. The Zoe tank is very breathable in warmer weather and translates pretty well between alternative forms of exercise. Plus, look how pretty it is!

London, Bodyism at The Lanesborough

Bodyism at The Lanesborough Club and Spa

Why I love it: There’s nothing not to love about incorporating the realistic and sustainable fitness ethos from the minds behind Bodyism into one of London’s most quintessentially British hotel and luxury health club.
Best thing on the menu: A Body Brilliance shake, with bucket loads of antioxidants (your skin’s best friend) it’s known as every Super Model’s secret weapon for good reason.
Best Fitness Tip: A session with a Bodyism performance specialist is a must, tailoring their sessions to create bespoke treatment for individuals, monitoring not only movement, technique and agility, they work to make sure your outlook to movement and nourishment are aligned. You’ll leave skipping!
Best Bodyism Fitness item: If you’re working out in one of London’s most sought after destinations, get heads turning for all the right reason in those I am Sleek leggings. Super flattering and extremely breathable.

Nevis, Paradise beach

Why I love it: It’s a resort without a restaurant! This makes it feel like home, with a personal chef coming to your villa to rustle up breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Best thing on the menu: The Banana Pancakes!
Best Fitness Tip: There are countless special places around Nevis and neighbouring St Kitts that are only seen by boat, and with 10 to 25 knot winds, clear skies and gentle currents, its arguably one of the best places in the world to sail. For some serious speed and a bit of an adrenaline rush, try racing a Hobbie Cat.
Best Bodyism Fitness item: The I am bold bra is perfect for adventures at sea!

Morocco, Paradis Plage

Why I love it: It’s one of the most relaxed resorts I’ve ever been to. The staff genuinely care about improving your sense of wellbeing. The chef greets every guest and the resident yoga teacher and the surf school team are passionate about improving your skils. (Top Tip: Book with The Healthy Holiday Company to get the best deal!) 
Best thing on the menu: The lamb tagine.
Best Fitness Tip: The morning and evening yoga sessions are life-changing. 
Best Bodyism Fitness item: The Nathalie Leggings in blue perfectly match the beautiful Moroccan waves.  

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