5 Powerful Healing Benefits of Aromatherapy

James Duigan on the power of purpose
Rosie Underwood from OK! Magazine shares her insights with us on how essential oils can help to combat stress and improve physical and mental wellbeing.

Fast paced life and daily demands may often leave us feeling tense, anxious and stressed. Scents, however, have a unique ability to bring back good memories, improve your mood and help to unwind. This is because aroma molecules send signals to the limbic system which is the part of the brain that controls our emotions. Therefore, I find that incorporating aromatherapy into daily regime is as essential as being mindful when it comes to managing a busy life.

5 ways scents can help to improve your wellbeing:


1. Body and Mind

Anxiety and stress are body’s natural response to a hectic lifestyle and daily challenges.
I like to tackle any feelings of unease by diffusing Essential Lemon Balm Oil and Cypress. Lemon Balm Oil helps reduce heart-rate and with the sweet smell of Bergamot, Cypress, helps decrease weariness, tensions and improve mood.

2. Digestion

A busy lifestyle can also put our organs under stress and have a direct adverse impact on our gut. To avoid feeling of discomfort I take Bodyism’s Ultra Probiotic and make a warming compress by using Fennel Essential Oil which reduces emotion-related gut spasms and indigestion; Orange Essential Oil aids food moving through the digestive tract and Carrot Seed Oil which avoids fluid retention. I place the compress on my abdomen and let it cool to my body temperature, repeating three times.

3. Circulation

Sluggish circulation is also a common side effect of stress. I find Bodyism’s B-calm Yoga and a massage with appropriate essential oils helpful. The squeezing and pulling of massage flushes lactic acid from the muscles allowing the oils to penetrate into bloodstream and diffuse all around the body. Try using stimulating essential oils, such as Rosemary, Ginger and Black Pepper with Almond as a carrier oil.

4. Muscles and Joints

Tension, sore and painful muscles are yet another unfortunate side effects of a hectic lifestyle. Thankfully essential oils can be extremely effective for relieving strain. I like to add a blend of Rosemary Oil with Marjoram Oil into a hot bath, which reduce inflammation in the body and reduce pain.

5. Skin

One of the first signs of stress are  spots and bad skin which, in turn, can create even more frustration. To combat the vicious circle I rely on a tee tree hot compress that is full of antiseptic properties working to soothe and cleanse the skin as well as the mind in the process.

‘‘The key to achieving optimum holistic wellbeing is being kind to yourself’’ – James Duigan, ‘Blueprint for Health’

About Rosie:

Rosie’s fascination with the powerful use of plant materials and aromatic plant oils used in beauty and her yoga practice lead her to study the practice of Aromatherapy with Neals Yard, the first  high street retailer to sell natural essential oils in the UK. This is where she learnt to utilize blends through topical application, massage, inhalation and water immersion as well as recognising which oils are best for wellness, resilience and balance.


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