6 Bedtime Rituals For a Deeper Sleep

6 Bedtime Rituals For a Deeper Sleep

Find that you can't sleep or no matter how much you do, you still feel tired? You're not alone. Poor sleep and sleep deprivation is at the root of many health issues. We're sharing Bodyism's top pre-bed tips to help tackle this issue.

At Bodyism we know how important good sleep is for a healthy body and mind. What we choose to do before bed has a huge impact on how we sleep and therefore how we feel the next day. We’ve put together these 6 simple steps to help transform the quality of your sleep.

1. Power down

Try turning off all electronics about an hour before bedtime. Blue light from phones and laptops can seriously hinder your ability to fall asleep. Not only that, but scrolling through social media just before bed can leave you feeling anxious.

2. Lights out

Having lots of bright lights on in the run up to bedtime can confuse your brain into thinking it’s still daytime and suppress your production of melatonin, the ‘sleep hormone’. Dim your bedroom lights or switch over to a bedside lamp when it starts getting dark outside.

3. Give thanks

Try writing down three things that went well that day in a gratitude journal. This small step can help shift you into a more positive mindset, which in turn can help you sleep more restfully and wake up in a better mood.

4. Stretch it out

Even a quick 10 minute yoga practice before bed will help relieve tension and stress for a better night’s sleep. Inversions of the cooling type, such as Shoulder Stand and Legs Up the Wall, relax the nervous system to leave you feeling calm and balanced.

5. Stop snacking

Eating late at night not only stimulates your digestion, waking you up when you’re trying to wind down, but is also proven to contribute to weight gain. If you get peckish before bed, try enjoying a cup of Bodyism’s Pure Serenity supplement, packed full of calming ingredients like hops and chamomile to optimise your sleep.

6. Cool down

Our body temperature naturally drops after we fall asleep. Opening the window to lower the temperature in your bedroom can help your body reach that cooler temperature faster, encouraging drowsiness.

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