3 Step Digital Detox

Disconnect from social media and reconnect with the world with these simple hacks

Have you tried Instagram and Facebook’s new feature to see your daily scroll time or updated to the latest iOS? If you are haunted by the amount of screen time you spend, or are too scared to look, read on.

In light of this year’s theme for World Mental Health Day: young adults and mental health in a changing world, it’s a good time to address the benefits of a digital detox.

We’re all fully immersed in the age of smart phones, smart watches, smart home devices and technology. There are more ways to communicate than ever before, yet as a society, we’ve never been lonelier. 

One of the primary culprits is social media. At its best, it brings global communities together and provides a ceaseless source of inspiration. But at its worst, it can be a constant nuisance and distraction that stops us living in the present. A recent study found that teenage girls who spend more than an hour a day scrolling on social channels are more likely to suffer from social and emotional problems.

3 Step Digital Detox

How often do you find yourself scrolling through Instagram just before bed or first thing when you wake up?

Even a quick scroll can reduce the quality of our sleep and send our self esteem plummeting as we’re barraged with images of toned bodies, beach holidays and designer clothes. Despite knowing deep down that social media is a ‘highlight reel’ and not real life, sometimes it’s hard to remember this when all you can see are seemingly perfect lives.

The average person checks their phone 200 times a day. That’s once every six and a half minutes! Social media platforms have been cleverly designed to drip feed us the ‘happy hormone’ dopamine with every notification – they’re purposefully made to be addictive.


As with any addiction, it can be hard to wean yourself off social media but the secret to kicking the habit is to replace it with new, healthy ones and that starts with a digital detox. Here’s our three step digital detox plan to help you unplug and tune in to what really matters. Don’t be a slave to your phone!

1. Time Out 

Use Apple’s new feature or an app called Freedom to limit your time on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter apps for as long as you can bear. Better still, delete the apps entirely. Turn banner, pop-up and sound notifications off for all other apps. Keep only the badge-type notifications.

2. Log Out 

It’s so simple, it’s genius. Creating that extra step between you and your ‘feed’ will help you resist the lure of mindless scrolling when your resolve is wearing thin. Try keeping your phone out of sight during meetings or meals and leaving it in a different room overnight.

3. Tune In 

No pictures. No selfies. No Boomerangs. No Snapchats. For one day at least. Don’t lose the moment by trying to capture it. Live in the moment and it will live long in the memory. Focus on giving your full attention to the people around you and forming real human connections.

Do you have any tips and tricks to manage your relationship with social media?

Let us know @Bodyism.

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